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Our Mission

To establish and administer an impartial and consistent process through which USTRANSCOM can become aware of relevant and innovative products or services in the interest of leveraging those products or services to support the warfighter.

What is TTILO?

USTRANSCOM is always interested in new transportation and evolving technologies generated by industry. In an effort to provide equity and transparency to all industry partners, USTRANSCOM Acquisition (TCAQ) has established the Transportation and Technology Liaison Office (TTILO). TTILO is the single point of initial entry for industry seeking consideration interest for their products and services and for coordinating capability briefs and innovative solutions or ideas with USTRANSCOM Program Managers and/or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

TTILO is the command lead for communicating your company capabilities to the Program Executive Offices (PEOs), SMEs, USTRANSCOM Acquisition Buying Activity, and other interested parties within the command. This office will conduct a high level screening of your company submission to determine the appropriate path of relevancy to USTRANSCOM mission (especially in terms of contract opportunities) and merit in terms of innovativeness relative to USTRANSCOM products or services and their development. Products or services meeting these criteria will filter through the TTILO. The TTILO Review Process details the complete process.

Capability Areas of Interest

Identified below are USTRANSCOM Directorates with summaries of services, support, and programs provided. Please review each Directorate's summary before submitting your information in order to assist the TTILO in properly coordinating your request with the most relevant Program Manager and/or Subject Matter Expert office. In addition, more Directorate information is available under the Organizational Structure tab below. Note: You may submit to more than one capability area if your company has multiple areas of interest.


Our mission is to be the first stop for Human Resources expertise and the Command's premier advisor for manpower and personnel strategy and solutions.


Identify and assess threats to global inter-modal operations, and orchestrate production and dissemination of comprehensive transportation intelligence on seaports, airfields, and connecting surface networks.


TCJ3 maintains command and control of strategic forces and logistics infrastructure. TCJ3 sets operations policy and conducts crisis action and adaptive planning to deploy/sustain forces. It directs and monitors process improvements for global Distribution Process Owner (DPO) operations. Primarily responsible to develop and design the operational architecture and integrate the automated information systems (AIS) and other information technology (IT) capabilities to support global warfighting requirements. It acts as the DOD functional proponent for In-Transit Visibility and schedules/manages all CONUS Operational Support Airlift (OSA) in support of DOD wartime readiness


The Strategy, Policy, Programs, and Logistics Directorate is the center of the United States Transportation Command's strategic planning, logistics, and policy efforts. It is forward-looking, working to enhance the U.S. military's deployment and distribution capabilities. The Directorate is USTRANSCOM's focal point for future-facing initiatives, including strategic planning, force programming, policy development to ensure readiness and capability to meet current, projected, and emerging requirements. It is the hub for transportation initiatives including organizational developments, process enhancements, advocacy of key enablers, and system developments to advance global war fighting capabilities.


TCJ6 is responsible for long-range planning, policy guidance, direction, technical, control, and program management for projects involving the development and implementation of major transportation management systems Department of Defense (DOD) wide.


TCJ8 is the Program Analysis and Financial Management Directorate which formulates and integrates the commands' budget whilefocused on the effective and efficient use of the command's resources. Develops command fiscal policy procedures and resolves issues on use of the COCOM-wide $13.5 billion Transportation Working Capital Fund (TWCF) budget. This Directorate is the focal point for financial integrating policies and procedures in coordination with our Transportation Component Commands and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Additionally, the Directorate shapes strategic goals and ensures funding of critical initiatives through the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution cycle. TCJ8 is the fiscal Corporate Governance Process lead for establishing cost benefit analysis priorities of future investments in Capital Purchases.


To Provide Analysis and Engineering Support to Improve the Nation's Ability to Move and Sustain the Joint Force and Operate the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE)


TCAQ is a world-class acquisition workforce partnering with industry and customers to develop and execute innovative acquisition solutions supporting the command’s full-spectrum, deployment and distribution. TCAQ has buying division with specific procuring requirements.


The first action in the process is for the submitter, having already studied the USTRANSCOM Directorate activities, determine whether you provide a capability, solution, or idea related to an area that USTRANSCOM may have interest. Upon submission of your capability, solution, or idea, you will receive an email informing you that successful receipt of your submission has been accomplished. Ensure that your submission does not include any proprietary, trade, or security information related to your company.


The capability, innovative solution, or idea is reviewed for completeness and USTRANSCOM Acquisition relevance by the TTILO. If more information is required, you will receive an email request for additional information. If your submission is not USTRANSCOM Acquisition or mission peculiar, you will receive an email informing you that the capability, solution, or idea will not be evaluated further with additional referral information provided if known or available.

If the capability is USTRANSCOM Acquisition peculiar, you will receive an email advising that the capability/idea/solution has been referred to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for evaluation. The evaluation should typically be completed within 15 days. If your capability, solution, or idea is USTRANSOM Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) peculiar, you will receive an email advising you that the submission has been referred to a CRADA representative for action and follow-up.


A thorough review is conducted by the SME(s) identified within the capabilities area of interest for potential acquisition and/or sustainment of USTRANSCOM transportation and technology platforms. Each capability, solution, or idea is evaluated for its potential.

a.) to be rapidly transitioned based on an immediate or imminent validated and funded need b.) to be integrated with other technologies or programs of record and/or c.) future transition or a feasible solution in the requirements analysis process. Your submission may be shared with other technical experts and government personnel to determine value, need, and response. If no further contact is desired, feedback will be provided on your capability, solution, or idea via email.


The SME(s) may decide that a presentation, demonstration or in-person brief is necessary to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the capability, solution, or idea. You will be contacted by the TTILO to arrange the follow-on meeting. The meeting will be sponsored by a technical expert in the command with acquisition representation. Following the meeting, you will receive an email with feedback of your capability, solution, or idea within 30 days.

Your submission will be stored in a USTRANSCOM internal database assessable to all USTRANSCOM Buying activity for review and consideration. The information will be stored to an active database for one (1) year and then archived. If significant changes occur within your capabilities offered, it is recommended that you update your information accordingly by resubmitting your information via this web application.


USTRANSCOM Acquisition TTILO is industry's initial point of contact for industry to provide capabilities, innovative solutions, and ideas in support of the distribution network. You may contact the TTILO by email for general inquiries and support.

Submission Process

The first step in the process is for the submitter, having already reviewed the USTRANSCOM Directorate activities, determine whether you provide a capability, solution, or idea related to an area that USTRANSCOM may have interest. Upon submission of your capability, solution, or idea, you will receive an email informing you that your submission has been received and successfullly accomplished.

Ensure that your submission does not include any proprietary, trade, or security information related to your company.

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Subcontracting Opportunities

After reviewing USTRANSCOM Capability Areas of Interest, if your company currently has a capability for USTRANSCOM solutions and are interested in subcontracting opportunities, please complete and submit the form below.

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To initiate a TTILO capability area of interest submission, please review the Capabilities Areas of Interest and Submission Process Tabs then proceed through the steps on the form. If you have questions, please contact us as follows:

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