Definition: A categorization scheme that describes a SHIPMENT-UNIT transported by air.
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2Arms/Weapons (All types, including inert component parts).
3Ammunition, (all types) including inert component parts. When the primary hazard of an ammunition item is a chemical (irritant, corrosive, or oxidizer), as indicated by its proper shipping name use commodity Code C.
4Explosives (any explosive item not included in Code 3 above) including inert component parts.
5Nuclear Weapons Related Material (NWRM): Classified or unclassified assemblies and subassemblies (containing no fissionable or fusionable material (identified by the Military Departments (MILDEPS) that comprise or could comprise a standardized war reserve nuclear weapon (including equivalent training devices) as it would exist once separated/removed from its intended delivery vehicle. A delivery vehicle is the portion of a weapon system and delivers a nuclear weapon to its target. This includes cruise and ballistic missile airframes as well as delivery aircraft.
ASupplies and equipment for aircraft and aerial targets including aircraft and maintenance parts, aircraft accessories, aircraft instruments, and laboratory test equipment, aerial targets and gliders, aircraft/missile technical order compliance kits, etc.
BConstruction Materials including Paint and Related Materials, Prefabricated Buildings, Wood Products, Metal and Composition Materials and Their Products, Commercial, Hardware and Miscellaneous Items, Cement, Asphalt, Building Maintenance Materials.
CChemical corps items and all other chemicals not covered in other classifications. Note: When an item has a chemical proper shipping name and the item is sensitive, select the special handling code from this Appendix.
EEngineer supplies, other than those listed under Code B.
FFuels and Lubricants including Fuel and Lubricating Supplies and Equipment, and Gases, Other Than Noxious Gases.
GPrinted Forms, Publications, Drawings, Training Guides, etc.
HInstruments/Equipment/Supplies for Radio, Communications, Electrical, Laboratory, etc. (Includes Signal Corps)
JUnaccompanied Baggage (ITGBL/DPM Personal Property Shipments)
KClothing including Clothing Equipment (Other Than Arms and Chemical Supplies), Cordage, Fabrics and Leather, Parachutes, etc.
LDefense Courier Service Material including Communication Documents, State Department Diplomatic Material, and Cryptologic Equipment. (This code can only be used by DCS.)
MMedical Supplies, Equipment, Samples, Records, etc.
NShip's Parts
ONot to be used
PPhotographic Supplies and Equipment including Training Films.
QPlants, Plant Products, Insects, Mites, Nematodes, Mollusks, Soil, Meat (Other Than Rations), Animal Products or Parts, Vectors and Cultures of Animal and Plant Diseases.
RRations and Subsistence Supplies.
SOffice and School Supplies and Equipment including Office Machines, Furniture and Stationary.
THousehold Goods (ITGBL/DPM Personal Property Shipments)
UMail, Select a Special Handling Code from Appendix AA.
VTrailers, Vehicles, Machinery, Shop and Warehouse Equipment and Supplies including Special Tools and Equipment, Ground Servicing and Special Purpose Vehicles, Trailers, Marine Equipment and Supplies, Repair and Maintenance Parts for the above.
WAny material not otherwise specified that may require special handling with special instructions identified in the DI T_9 trailer data. Primarily used with channel airlift 463-L pallets.
XIntelligence materials including maps, charts data, and information vital to military functions such as flight safety, escape and evasion, current offensive/defensive operations, foreign clearance requirements, targeting and National Aeronautics Space Administration Projects.
YPersonnel Services. Military service records, files, or other information subject to the Privacy Act of 1974.
ZHuman Remains.
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