Definition: Qualifications on how to extend charges, interpret value, or determine a rate structure.
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AVAd Valorum (Per Cent of Value)
BRPer Barrel (Pipeline/Barge only)
CWPer Hundred Weight
DHPer Hundred Dollars
DRPer Dromedary Service Shipment
DSPer Hundredweight Per Mile Per Dromedary Service Shipment
DVPer Day Per Vehicle (Rail Car)
ERPer Each Request
FCFlat Charge
FRFlat Rate
FTPer Foot
HDPer Hundredweight Per Dromedary Service Shipment
HMRate Per Hundred Weight Per Mile
HXHundredweight Per Day
INPer Inch
LBPer Pound
MAMinimum Per Service
MBPer Mile Per Service
MCMinimum Per Car
MHPer Man Per Hour
MPMaximum Per Shipment
MSMinimum Per Shipment
MVPer Mile Per Vehicle (Rail Car) Moved
NDMinimum Per Driver
NMPer Mile Per Person
NPMinimum Per Day Per Person
NVMinimum Per Day Per Vehicle
P1Per Advancement
PAPer Container
PCPer Car
PDPer Day
PGPer Gallon
PHPer Hundred of Basic Unit
PIHourly Rate Per Vehicle (Rail Car)
PMPer Mile
PNPer Night (Per Person)
PPPer Piece
PRPer Hour
PSPer Shipment
PVPer Vehicle
PWPercentage of Charges
PYPer Gallon Per Mile
RLPer Relocation
SPPer Stop
STPer Short Ton
VAPer Vehicle Moved
VHPer Vehicle Used
VRPer Rail Car Used
VTPer Mile Per Vehicle
VUPer Mile Per Vehicle (Rail Car) Used
VVPer Vehicle Per State
XPMaximum Per Person
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