Definition: Classification and sensitivity of conventional arms, ammunition, and explosives with regard to their utility, attrractiveness, and availability to criminal elements.
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AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVESIComplete explosive rounds for SRC I missiles and rockets include those items listed in section 2.a.(1) of this enclosure.
AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVESIIExamples include: (a) Hand or rifle grenades (high-explosive and white phosphorous). (b) Antitank or antipersonnel mines (each with an unpacked weight of 50 pounds or less). (c) Explosives used in demolition operations, C-4, military dynamite, and trinitrotoluene (TNT) with an unpacked weight of 100 pounds or less. (d) Warheads for sensitive missiles and rockets weighing less than 50 pounds each.
AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVESIIIExamples include:(a) Ammunition, .50 caliber and larger with explosive-filled projectile (unpacked weight of 100 pounds or less). (b) Incendiary grenades and fuses for high-explosive grenades. (c) Blasting caps. (d) Supplementary charges. (e) Bulk explosives. (f) Detonating cord. (g) Warheads for sensitive missiles and rockets weighing more than 50 pounds, but less than 100 pounds each.
AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVESIVExamples include: (a) Ammunition with non-explosive projectile (unpacked weight of 100 pounds or less). (b) Fuzes (other than those for high-explosive grenades). (c) Illumination, smoke, and chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS grenades). (d) Incendiary destroyers. (e) Riot control agents (100 pound package or less). Excludes liquid pepper spray that is procured or manufactured through commercial sources. (f) Ammunition for weapons not otherwise categorized in paragraph 3.c. in this enclosure. (g) Explosive compounds of sensitive missiles and rockets (except warheads). (h) Warheads for precision-guided munitions weighing more than 50 pounds (unpacked weight).
ARMSIIExamples include: (1) M-16/M4s (2) Light automatic weapons up to and including M249, M2, and 40mm MK19 machine guns. (3) SRC II weapons frames and receivers; and weapons components such as silencers, mufflers, and noise suppression devices.
ARMSIIIExamples include: (1) Functional launch tube with umbilical squib installed and grip stock for the Stinger missile. (2) Launch tube, sight assembly, and grip stock for missiles. (3) Tracker for the Dragon missile. (4) Mortar tubes up to and including 81mm. (5) Grenade launchers (single shot). (6) Rocket and missile launchers with an unpacked weight of 100 pounds or less. (7) Flame throwers. (8) The launcher, missile guidance set, or the optical sight for the TOW and the Javelin Command Launch Unit
ARMSIVExamples include: (1) Single shot and semi automatic (non-automatic) shoulder-fired weapons such as shotguns and bolt action rifles and weapons barrels. (2) Handguns. (3) Recoil-less rifles up to and including 106mm.
CAT-UUExamples include, AA&E such as those items with numerical ratings of 13-16. AA&E that are uncategorized and/or generally exceed an unpacked weight of 100 pounds shall have security policy developed by the responsible DoD Component.
MISSILES AND ROCKETSIMan-portable missiles and rockets in a ready-to-fire configuration or when jointly stored or transported with the launcher tube and/or grip-stock and the explosive round, although not in a ready-to-fire configuration, shall be considered SRC I weapon items. Examples include: (a) Stinger missiles. (b) Dragon, Javelin, light antitank weapon (66mm), shoulder-launched multi-purpose assault weapon rocket (83mm), M136 (AT4) anti-armor launcher and cartridge (84mm).
MISSILES AND ROCKETSIIMissiles and rockets that are crew-served or require platform-mounted launchers and other equipment to function include HYDRA-70 rockets and the tube-launched optically wire guided (TOW) missile.
MISSILES AND ROCKETSIIIMissiles and rockets that require platform-mounted launchers and complex hardware and software equipment to function include the HELLFIRE missile.
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