Definition: The code that represents the reason for delay of a CARGO-UNIT prior to shipment.
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CARGO-UNIT Data Values
AShipment unit held for consolidation.
BAwaiting carrier equipment.
CAwaiting export/domestic traffic release.
DDelay due to diversion to surface resulting from challenge by air clearance activity.
EDelay resulting from challenge by air clearance activity for which no diversion to surface occurs and materiel was shipped by air.
GStrikes, riots, civil commotion.
HActs of God.
JShipment delayed to process customer cancellation request(s).
KDiversion to surface movement due to characteristics of materiel that preclude air shipment; for example, size, weight, or hazard classification.
LDelay requested and/or concurred in by consignee.
MDelay to comply with delivery dates at Continental United States (CONUS) destinations/outloading terminal.
NDelay due to diversion to air (requisition priority upgraded).
RDLA Disposition Services receipt-in-place property held pending disposition and shipping instructions.
SInvalid or missing Transportation Account Code (TAC).
WWood Packing Material (WPM) remediation/decontamination.
XDLA Disposition Services Field Office redistribution order held pending release (inventory on hold; not available for alternate use).
ZHolding action of less than 24 hours from date materiel is available for shipment.
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