Definition: The code which indicates the type of DOMESTIC-ROUTE-ORDER.
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1Negotiated: Exercise
2Non-Negotiated: Deployment
3Non-Negotiated: Emergency Procedure
4Non-Negotiated: Volume Movement
5Non-Negotiated: Redeployment/Retrograde
6Non-Negotiated: Standing Route Order
7Non-Negotiated: Exercise
8Non-Negotiated: Contractor/Vendor
9Non-Negotiated: Military Impedimenta
ADoor-to-Door Contract: Base Realignment
BDoor-to-Door Contract: Bulk Liquid
CNegotiated: Base Realignment
DDoor-to-Door Contract: Other Movement
ENegotiated: Bulk Liquid
FNegotiated: Other Movement
GNegotiated: Foreign Military Sales
HNegotiated: Deployment
JDoor-to-Door Contract: Development
KNegotiated: Volume Movement
LDoor-to-Door Contract: Volume Movement
MNegotiated: Redeployment/Retrograde
NNegotiated: Standing Route Order
ODoor-to-Door Contract: Exercise
PDoor-to-Door Contract: Redeployment/Retrograde
QNegotiated: Contractor/Vendor
RNegotiated: Military Impedimenta
SDoor-to-Door Contract: Standing Route Order
TDoor-to-Door Contract: Emergency Procedure
UNon-Negotiated: Base Realignment
VDoor-to-Door Contract: Contractor/Vendor
WNon-Negotiated: Bulk Liquid
XDoor-to-Door Contract: Military Impedimenta
YNon-Negotiated: Other Movement
ZNon-Negotiated: Foreign Military Sales
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