Definition: The code that represents a PERSONNEL-MOVEMENT-REQUEST special passenger category.
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Data Values
1YDistinguished Visitor
6NFirst-Time Entry
7YMedal of Honor Holder
8NForeign Exchange Military
9NUnaccompanied Minor Dependent
ANCivilian (including retiree) and/or dependents (not otherwise described)
BNThe request contains Space-A passenger(s) who are traveling on a space reimbursable status.
CNPassengers traveling with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)
DYBlue Bark or Next of Kin Deceased
ENPassengers traveling with a Psychiatric Support Animal (PSA)
FNAir Evac Movement Source System TRAC2ES
GNContingency/Exercise Travelers only
HYForeign National
JNSchool Teacher
KNSchool Key Official
LYPassengers with Disabilities
MNActive duty member traveling PCS to retirement point
NNActive duty member traveling PCS to separation point
QNSupport personnel traveling as passengers, who must remain with the aircraft
RYArmed escort(s) accompanying other passengers
SNBoard actions
TNIdentifies a military member who joined the armed forces in an OCONUS area and is on initial assignment to the CONUS for training
UNUnarmed escort(s) accompanying other passengers
VYCoin Assist
WNPassenger (other than prisoner) being escorted by armed or unarmed escort.
XYArmed escort accompanying a special shipment being moved on the same aircraft
YNPerson requiring more than one seat. Unarmed escort accompanying a special shipment being moved on the same aircraft
ZNNext of Kin of Very Seriously Ill
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