Definition: The code that denotes the classification of the weight reported for a LADING-BILL-WEIGHT.
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AConsolidated Weight
A1Dimensional Weight
A2Reweighed By Carrier
A3Shippers Weight
A4Average Weight per Load
BBilled Weight
CActual Net Repeated for Combination
CDChargeable Dunnage - The weight of material used to protect material in transit for which a charge is paid
CECertified Weight of Cargo
DDestination Weight Agreement
DRDrained Weight
EEstimated Net Weight
FDeficit Weight
FRFreight Weight
GGross Weight
HWeight Per 100 Feet
IWeight Per 1000 Feet
JLight Weight
KClean Out
LLegal Weight
LCMaximum Lading Capacity
MMinimum Weight (for rate)
NActual Net Weight
NDNonchargeable Dunnage - The weight of material used to protect material in transit for which there is no charge
NINon-Temporary Storage Weight In
NRNon-Temporary Storage Weight Re-handled
NTNon-Temporary Storage Weight Out
OExcess Weight Over Maximum
PWeight Per 100 Units
PAPallet Weight
QWeight Per 1000 Units
RPer Unit Dunnage
RGReweigh Gross Weight
RNReweigh Net Weight
RTReweigh Tare Weight
SState Weight
SFStorage in Transit Final Weight Out
SIStorage in Transit Weight in
SKSkid Weight
SOStorage in Transit Weight Out
TTare Weight
UWeight Per Unit
VNon Transit Weight (On Transit Bills Only)
WTransit Weight (On Transit Bills Only)
WAAdministrative Weight Allowance
WBUnaccompanied Baggage Weight
WGProfessional Gear Weight
WJJoint Travel Regulation Weight
XMaximum Weight (for Rate)
YTheoretical Weight
ZMutually Defined
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