Definition: The code that describes the rating of a warehouse storing personal property as a result of an inspection.
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AThis rating is assigned when no deficiencies are observed. No further action is necessary.
BThis rating is assigned when the observed deficiencies are minor and are easily correctable. The contractor, carrier, or agent will be requested to perform immediate corrective action.
CThis rating is assigned when deficiencies are observed; however, they do not warrant declaring the contractor, carrier or agent ineligible for further business. The contractor will be required to provide a written detailed report of corrective action taken, signed by a company official, within 10 days after the inspection. The facility will be closely monitored by both the RSMO and TO for any future signs of deterioration in the quality of service. During the next regular inspection, if the contractor, carrier or agent has falsely reported a corrective action or repeated a violation previously called to their attention, grounds exist for immediately placing the facility in a state of ineligibility or nonuse. HQ MTMC MTPP-PP will be advised of this action.
DThis rating is observed when the assigned deficiencies merit a quality control rating score of "D" (17 points and over) or items marked by an asterisk are considered of sufficient importance to warrant declaring the contractor, carrier, or agent ineligible or in nonuse status for further business. The inspecting official will immediately place the contractor, carrier, or agent in a temporary state of ineligibility or disqualify the facility for business pending corrective action. The contractor, carrier, or agent will be required to explain action taken and provide a written report of corrective action prior to the facility being reinspected. The TO/RSMO may reinstate the facility when deficiencies have been corrected, evidence provided, and positive action taken to preclude recurrence.
EA repeat violation of a serious deficiency or evidence of false reporting of corrective actions will merit a quality control rating score of "E" and will be grounds for continuation of the state of ineligibility or disqualification for a period set by the contracting officer or TO. When the contracting officer determines an "E" rating is not sufficient, then a "Stop Notice" for future NTS business will be issued or action taken to terminate the contractor for default. This information will be used by a TO to disqualify the facility of a carrier or a carrier's agent.
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