Definition: The code that represents a type of SHIPMENT-TRANSPORTATION-DISCREPANCY.
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A3Astray - Incomplete, illegible, or missing marking, labels, or tag
A4Astray - Bill of Lading missing (result of visit to carrier terminal).
A5Astray - Hot line call initiated visit.
A6Astray - Carrier call initiated visit.
A7Astray - Routine visit.
A8Astray - Bill of Lading missing (Carrier released freight to activity other than JDGACP committee).
A9Astray - Custom Bond Rooms or Freight Storage Warehouses.
AAAstray - Not specified above (describe in remarks).
ACAstray - Carrier call initiated visit.
AHAstray - Hot line call initiated visit.
ARAstray - Routine visit.
D1Damage - Marine casualty
D2Damage - Stevedoring
D6Damage - Material handling equipment
DDDamage - Not specified above (describe in remarks).
DEDamage - Water damage
DFDamage - Fire
DGDamage - Spoilage
DKDamage - Improper loading, stowing, or blocking and bracing
DQDamage - Rough handling
DVDamage - Vandalism
DWDamage - Wreck
DZDamage - Concealed damage
O3Overage - Incomplete marking or missing label
O4Overage - Defaced or illegal marking.
O5Overage - Improper documentation
OKOverage - Improper loading or stowage.
OOOverage - Not specified above (describe in remarks)
S5Shortage - Improper documentation
SIShortage - Status W cargo (MTMC terminal use only)
SKShortage - Improper loading or stowing
SLShortage - Leakage, spoilage, or evaporation
SPShortage - Pilferage
SSShortage - Not specified above (describe in remarks)
STShortage - Theft
X3Other - Incomplete marking/missing label/tag
X4Other - Defaced or illegible marking.
XBOther - Broken, missing, improper, inadequate seal.
XDOther - Not annotated within requirements of Transportation Facilities Guide (TFG)
XEOther - REPSHIP message not received within 24 hrs prior to arrival of shipment
XGOther - Copy of GBL not received by consignee prior to arrival of shipment (CONUS only)
XKOther - Improper loading, stowing, or blocking or bracing (if no actual damage)
XLOther - Certification of hazardous material missing or incorrect Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods
XMOther - Violations in the movement of hazardous material (other than violations)
XNOther - Misconsignment
XUOther - DD Form 1387 (Military Shipment Label) not affixed to cargo
XXOther - Not specified above (describe in remarks)
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