Definition: The name assigned to a categorization/grouping of WATER-COMMODITY-CODEs.
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Acids450, 619
Aircraft parts670-679
Ammunition, explosives, and other hazardous items; except small arms ammunition and radioactive waste400-433, 40X
Antisubmarine equipment790-793
Boats and boxed vehicles (less than 35 feet)640-649
Bulk cargo, unpackaged, dry or liquid, except POL200-280
Construction materiel660-669
Consumer Commodity Goods700-789, 70B-70D, 72A-72H
Drugs and sundries (not requiring temperature control)530-549
Dunnage and lashing099
Empty containers690-696
Fire Fighting Equipment794-799
Instruments and apparatus650-659, 65A, 65B, 65C
Lumber and logs (less than 35 feet)550-569
Machinery and parts (less than 35 feet)590-599
Metal products (less than 35 feet)570-579
Oxidizing Material434-435
POL items, other than bulk600-609, 60A, 60B
Paints and varnishes620-629
Privately owned vehicles (POVS)300-359
Radioactive devices, materiel, and waste451-496
Reefer cargo, chill (above32 Degrees)100-149
Reefer cargo, freeze (below 32 Degrees)150-199, 19X
Small arms, small arms ammunition, and inert component parts of explosives/hazardous items680-689
Special cargo800-903
Specialized Transport Equipment697-699
Subsistence (other than chill or freeze)500-529, 51A-51W, 52C-52E, 5BB-5TD
Vehicle parts580-589
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