Definition: Information generated by a transportation carrier to provide shippers, consignees, and their agents with the status of shipments in terms of dates, times, locations, route, identifying numbers, and conveyance.
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A3Shipment Returned to Shipper
A7Shipment refused by consignee
A9Shipment DamagedDMG
AFCarrier Departed Pick-up Location with ShipmentDPT
AGEstimated DeliveryDLR
AHAttempted DeliveryADF
AIShipment has been ReconsignedRCN
ALShipment Conveyance Loaded to Rail Car
AMLoaded on TruckLDD
ARRail Arrival at Destination Intermodal Ramp
BCStorage in TransitPIS
BOShipment Conveyance Reported Bad Order
BRShipment Conveyance Released from Bad Order
CAShipment CancelledCAN
CDCarrier Departed Delivery Location
CPCompleted Loading at Pick-up Location
CTCustoms Release
D1Completed Unloading at Delivery Location
J1Delivered to Connecting LineXFR
K1Arrived at CustomsARR
LCShipment Container Loaded to Chassis
NBShipment Conveyance Received without Paperwork
OOBid/Tender Award Received
P1Departed Terminal LocationDPT
R1Received from Prior Carrier
RHShipment Conveyance Released from Hold
S1Trailer Spotted at Consignee's LocationARR
SDShipment DelayedDLY
UCShipment Container Unloaded from Chassis
URShipment Conveyance Unloaded from Rail Car
X1Arrived at Delivery LocationARR
X2Estimated Date and/or Time of Arrival at Consignee's LocationARR
X4Arrived at Terminal Location
X5Arrived at Delivery Location Loading DockARR
X6En Route to Delivery LocationENR
XB3PL is in possession of Proof of Delivery (POD)
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