Definition: An association of a level within a PAY-PLAN and a UNIFORMED-SERVICE-RANK.
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1EUnited States Air Force003
1EUnited States Army090
1EUnited States Coast Guard051
1EUnited States Coast Guard070
1EUnited States Coast Guard073
1EUnited States Marine Corps090
1EUnited States Navy051
1EUnited States Navy070
1EUnited States Navy073
1OUnited States Air Force053
1OUnited States Army053
1OUnited States Coast Guard018
1OUnited States Marine Corps053
1OUnited States Navy018
1WUnited States Army065
1WUnited States Coast Guard065
1WUnited States Marine Corps065
1WUnited States Navy065
10OUnited States Air Force022
10OUnited States Army022
10OUnited States Coast Guard001
10OUnited States Marine Corps022
10OUnited States Navy001
2EUnited States Air Force002
2EUnited States Coast Guard050
2EUnited States Coast Guard069
2EUnited States Coast Guard072
2EUnited States Marine Corps046
2EUnited States Navy050
2EUnited States Navy069
2EUnited States Navy072
2OUnited States Air Force019
2OUnited States Coast Guard031
2OUnited States Marine Corps019
2OUnited States Navy031
2WUnited States Army013
2WUnited States Coast Guard013
2WUnited States Marine Corps013
2WUnited States Navy013
3EUnited States Air Force004
3EUnited States Army046
3EUnited States Coast Guard002
3EUnited States Coast Guard049
3EUnited States Coast Guard071
3EUnited States Marine Corps026
3EUnited States Navy002
3EUnited States Navy049
3EUnited States Navy071
3OUnited States Air Force006
3OUnited States Army006
3OUnited States Coast Guard027
3OUnited States Marine Corps006
3OUnited States Navy027
3WUnited States Army012
3WUnited States Coast Guard012
3WUnited States Marine Corps012
3WUnited States Navy012
4EUnited States Air Force054
4EUnited States Army017
4EUnited States Army061
4EUnited States Coast Guard043
4EUnited States Marine Corps017
4EUnited States Navy043
4OUnited States Air Force032
4OUnited States Army032
4OUnited States Coast Guard029
4OUnited States Marine Corps032
4OUnited States Navy029
4WUnited States Army011
4WUnited States Coast Guard011
4WUnited States Marine Corps011
4WUnited States Navy011
5EUnited States Air Force062
5EUnited States Army057
5EUnited States Coast Guard042
5EUnited States Marine Corps057
5EUnited States Navy042
5OUnited States Air Force028
5OUnited States Army028
5OUnited States Coast Guard016
5OUnited States Marine Corps028
5OUnited States Navy016
5WUnited States Army010
5WUnited States Coast Guard010
5WUnited States Marine Corps010
5WUnited States Navy010
6EUnited States Air Force063
6EUnited States Army062
6EUnited States Coast Guard041
6EUnited States Marine Corps062
6EUnited States Navy041
6OUnited States Air Force014
6OUnited States Army014
6OUnited States Coast Guard006
6OUnited States Marine Corps014
6OUnited States Navy006
7EUnited States Air Force038
7EUnited States Army040
7EUnited States Coast Guard009
7EUnited States Marine Corps025
7EUnited States Navy009
7OUnited States Air Force005
7OUnited States Army005
7OUnited States Coast Guard047
7OUnited States Marine Corps005
7OUnited States Navy047
8EUnited States Air Force056
8EUnited States Army038
8EUnited States Coast Guard055
8EUnited States Marine Corps038
8EUnited States Navy055
8OUnited States Air Force033
8OUnited States Army020
8OUnited States Army033
8OUnited States Coast Guard048
8OUnited States Marine Corps020
8OUnited States Marine Corps033
8OUnited States Navy048
9EUnited States Air Force007
9EUnited States Army015
9EUnited States Army052
9EUnited States Coast Guard034
9EUnited States Marine Corps037
9EUnited States Marine Corps052
9EUnited States Navy034
9OUnited States Air Force030
9OUnited States Army030
9OUnited States Coast Guard064
9OUnited States Marine Corps030
9OUnited States Navy064
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