Definition: A category of equipment used to transport a SHIPMENT.
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A10M410 Dromedary, 102" L x 75 1/2" H x 92" W, 410 cubic feet
A11MVan, air ride, 45 ft or 48 ft, padded, equipped with electric hydraulic powered crane loading unloading system or hydraulic powered
A16MSpecial Dromedary with MRO
A18MPropeller Trailer
A20MMotor vehicle transport trailer
A30MRemovable gooseneck
A40MFlat bed trailer, hot shot, 40 ft and over
A5MTractor, air ride
A50MVan, closed, padded/logistics type, freight only, w/air ride suspension, 40 ft and over
A6MTractor, other than air ride
A7MFlat bed, 30 feet and less, hooked in tandem as one unit
A8MVan, air ride, w/temperature and humidity control
A9MVan, closed, padded, w/air ride suspension 2nd & 3rd proviso only
AA1MVan, closed air ride, 30 ft and less
AA2MVan, closed air ride, 31-40 ft
AA3MVan, closed air ride, over 40 ft
AB0MLowboy, level deck, 10 axles and over
AB2MLowboy, level deck, 2 axles
AB3MLowboy, level deck, 3 axles
AB4MLowboy, level deck, 4 axles
AB5MLowboy, level deck, 5 axles
AB6MLowboy, double drop, air ride, w/outriggers, 3 axles
AB7MLowboy, level deck, 7 axles
AB9MLowboy, level deck, 9 axles
AC2MExpandable low bed trailer, 2 axles
AC3MExpandable low bed trailer, 3 axles
AC4MExpandable low bed trailer, 4 axles
ADMRegular Dromedary
AD6MDromedary with Mechanical Restraining Device (MRD)
AE0MLowboy, double drop, 10 axles and over
AE2MLowboy, double drop, 2 axles
AE3MLowboy, double drop, 3 axles
AE4MLowboy, double drop, 4 axles
AE5MLowboy, double drop, 5 axles
AE6MLowboy, double drop, w/outriggers, 3 axles
AE7MLowboy, double drop, 7 axles
AE9MLowboy, double drop, 9 axles
AF1MFlat bed, 30 ft and less
AF2MFlat bed, 31-40 ft
AF3MFlat bed, over 40 ft
AF4MFlat bed w/Conestoga trailers 30 ft and less
AF5MFlat bed w/Conestoga trailers 31-40 ft
AF6MFlat bed w/Conestoga trailers over 40 ft
AG1MVan, open, 30 ft and less
AG2MVan, open, 31-40 ft
AG3MVan, open, over 40 ft
AG4MTautliner Van w/Tarps, 30' or less
AG5MTautliner Van w/Tarps, 31' to 40'
AG6MTautliner Van w/Tarps, over 40'
AH2MDrop frame trailer, drop/step deck, 2 axles
AH3MDrop frame trailer, drop/step deck, 3 axles
AI2MDrop frame trailer, drop/step deck, air ride, 2 axles
AI3MDrop frame trailer, drop/step deck, air ride, 3 axles
AJ0MLowboy, level deck, air ride, 10 axles and over
AJ2MLowboy, level deck, air ride, 2 axles
AJ3MLowboy, level deck, air ride, 3 axles
AJ4MLowboy, level deck, air ride, 4 axles
AJ5MLowboy, level deck, air ride, 5 axles
AJ6MLowboy, level deck, air ride, w/outriggers, 3 axles
AJ7MLowboy, level deck, air ride, 7 axles
AJ9MLowboy, level deck, air ride, 9 axles
AKMVan, refrigerated, perishable food
AL2MExtendable flat bed trailer, 2 axles
AL3MExtendable flat bed trailer, 3 axles
AL4MExtendable flat bed trailer, 4 axles
AM0MLowboy, double drop, air ride, 10 axles and over
AM2MLowboy, double drop, air ride, 2 axles
AM3MLowboy, double drop, air ride, 3 axles
AM4MLowboy, double drop, air ride, 4 axles
AM5MLowboy, double drop, air ride, 5 axles
AM6MLowboy, double drop, air ride, w/outriggers, 3 axles
AM7MLowboy, double drop, air ride, 7 axles
AM9MLowboy, double drop, air ride, 9 axles
ANMAdjustable tilt bed trailer
AO1MStraight truck, enclosed van, air ride, 12 ft, 5,000 lb, maximum cargo capacity
AO2MStraight truck, enclosed van, air ride, 20 ft, 13,000 lb, maximum cargo capacity
AO3MStraight truck, enclosed van, air ride, 12 ft, 5,000 lb, maximum cargo capacity
AO4MStraight truck, enclosed van, air ride, 20 ft, 13,000 lb, maximum cargo capacity
AO5MStraight truck, enclosed van, 20 ft, 13,000 lb, maximum cargo capacity, padded/logistics type, w/ air ride suspension
AO6MPickup truck, with cap, 18 ft. long, 500 lbs maximum cargo capacity
AO7MEcono van, 17 ft long, 2,000 lbs maximum cargo capacity
AO8MDump trailer, 28 ft long, 2 axle, hydraulic powered lift
APMAft steering unit
AQ0MRemovable Gooseneck, 10 Axles and Over
AQ3MRemovable Gooseneck, 3 Axles
AQ4MRemovable Gooseneck, 4 Axles
AQ5MRemovable Gooseneck, 5 Axles
AQ6MRemovable Gooseneck, 6 Axles
AQ7MRemovable Gooseneck, 7 Axles
AQ8MRemovable Gooseneck, 8 Axles
AQ9MRemovable Gooseneck, 9 Axles
ARMVan, refrigerated, other
ASMLivestock transporter
AT1MTank, 5001-8000 gallons
AT2MTank, over 8000 gallons
AUMContainer, shipper owned, environmental, temperature and humidity controlled
AV1MVan, closed, 30 ft and less
AV2MVan, closed, 31-40 ft
AV3MVan, closed, over 40 ft
AV4MVan, closed, Rollerbed, 40 ft, fixed rollers
AV5MVan, closed, Rollerbed, 40 ft, retractable rollers
AV6MVan, closed, Rollerbed, 45 ft and over, fixed rollers
AV7MVan, closed, Rollerbed, 45 ft and over, retractable rollers
AV8MVan, closed, 45 to 48 ft, 12' 4" high
AW0MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 10 Axles and Over
AW2MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 2 Axles
AW3MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 3 Axles
AW4MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 4 Axles
AW5MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 5 Axles
AW6MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 6 Axles
AW7MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 7 Axles
AW8MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 8 Axles
AW9MExpandable Removable Gooseneck, 9 Axles
AXMFlat bed, all lengths (twist lock)
AX0MJig Trailer, 10 Axles and Over
AX2MJig Trailer, 2 Axles
AX3MJig Trailer, 3 Axles
AX4MJig Trailer, 4 Axles
AX5MJig Trailer, 5 Axles
AX6MJig Trailer, 6 Axles
AX7MJig Trailer, 7 Axles
AX8MJig Trailer, 8 Axles
AX9MJig Trailer, 9 Axles
AY1MVan, closed, 30 ft and less, double type single unit
AY2MVan, closed, 30 ft and less, hooked in tandem as one unit
AZ1MFlat bed, air ride, 30 ft and less
AZ2MFlat bed, air ride, 31-40 ft
AZ3MFlat bed, air ride, over 40 ft
KARBox, automobile
KB1RFlat, bilevel, not enclosed
KB2RFlat, bilevel, enclosed
KCRBox, nuclear waste, DODX w/racks permanently affixed
KDRGondola, drop ends
KERBox, end door
KF1RFlat, any other type, not over 70'
KF2RFlat, any other type, over 70' but not over 90'
KG1RGondola, any other type, 52' hi capacity
KG2RGondola, any other type, 65' hi capacity
KH1RHopper open-top, 80 tons and less
KH2RHopper open-top, 100 tons, 2000 cubic feet
KH3RHopper, closed-top, 70 tons, 2000 cubic feet
KH4RHopper, closed top, 100 tons, 2929 cubic feet
KH5RHopper, closed-top, 100 tons, 4000 cubic feet
KH6RHopper, closed-top, 100 tons, 4600 cubic feet
KK1RRefrigerator, perishable foods, not over 53' mechanical
KK2RRefrigerator, perishable foods, over 53', but not over 61' mechanical
KL1RFlat, trilevel, not enclosed
KL2RFlat, trilevel, enclosed
KO1RBox, any other type, not over 52' 6"
KO2RBox, any other type, over 52' 6", but not over 60' 9"
KO3RBox, any other type, over 60' 9"
KPRBox, damage prevention type
KR1RRefrigerator, any other type, not over 53' mechanical
KR2RRefrigerator, any other type, over 53', but not over 65' mechanical
KT1RTank, 10,000 gallons
KT2RTank, 20,000 gallons
KT3RTank, 30,000 gallons
KURCaboose, DODX armed guard
KXRBox, missile, DODX w/refrigeration
KYRFlat, heavy duty
KZ1RFlat, DODX, not over 60'
KZ2RFlat, DODX, over 60'
KZ3RLocomotive under own power, on own wheels
KZ4RLocomotive not under own power, on own wheels
KZ5RLocomotive not under own power, not on own wheels
MFOFreight Forwarder (Surface)
QA1CNon MILVAN, 20 feet and less
QA2CNon MILVAN, 24 feet
QA3CNon MILVAN, 27 feet
QA4CNon MILVAN, 35 feet
QA5CNon MILVAN, 40 feet
QA6CNon MILVAN, 45 feet and over
QQAFreight (Other than Freight Forwarder)
TTAFreight Forwarder
WEWCovered Barge
WGWCylinder Tank Barge
WIWFlush Deck Oil Barge
WKWLiquid Covered Barge
WMWOpen Barge
WPWSpecial Auto Barge
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