Definition: The approved definitions for the Transportation Method codes as defined by ASC X12 DE91 Specification Version 4030.
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1PTThird Party Pooling Move (Truckload/Less Than Truckload)PT
2BGovernment watercraft, barge or lighterB
3ROOcean (Roll on - Roll off)RO
4ARDefense Courier ServiceAR
5MPSurface, small package carrierMP
66Military Official Mail (MOM)6
77Express mail7
9LDLocal DeliveryLD
AJMotor, truckloadJ
BLTMotor, less than truckloadLT
CVAVan (unpacked, uncrated personal or Government property)VA
DDWDriveaway, Truckaway, TowawayDW
FEDAir Mobility Command (AMC) Channel and Special Assignment Airlift MissionED
GDSurface parcel postD
HAEAir parcel postAE
ISRGovernment trucks, for shipment outside local delivery areaSR
JAFAir, small package carrierAF
KRRail, carloadR
LXIntermodal (Piggyback)X
MSFSurface Freight ForwarderSF
NSBShipper AgentSB
OLAOrganic military air (including aircraft of foreign governments)LA
PQThrough Government Bill of Lading (TGBL)Q
QACommercial Air freightA
RSCShipper Agent (Truck)SC
SLScheduled truck service (applies to contract carriage, Federal Acquisition Regulation-based contract routings, and/or scheduled service)L
TFAAir Freight ForwarderFA
UIPIntermodal (Personal Property)IP
VOCommercial/Government-Owned/Leased Shipping Container (SEAVAN)O
WWWater, river, lake, coastal (commercial)W
XCEBearer, walk-thru (customer pickup of materiel)CE
YSDShipper AssociationSD
ZMSMilitary Sealift Command (MSC), Controlled, Contract, or Arranged SpaceMS
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