Definition: A categorization scheme that describes certain characteristics of a SHIPMENT-UNIT transported by water.
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1Aircraft engine internal combustion engines and fuel control devices
2Protected/Sensitive Non-Hazardous/Non-ESD Commodities
3Electrostatic Sensitive Device (ESD) (see Definitions)
4Radioactive Material (no label required)
ARadioactive Substance, UN Class 7 (radioactive label)
BMixed hazardous materiels, consolidated only as authorized by USCG regulations and 49 CFR. Use with T_2 or T_3 documents only
CEtiologic Agent, UN Class 6
DContaminated cargo (not including hazardous materiel)
EEmpty hazardous materiel containers or packages (empty label)
FExplosives Class C, UN Class 1.4
GNonflammable compressed gas UN Class 2 (nonflammable gas label except oxygen which requires an oxidizer label and fluorine which requires poison and oxidizer labels)
HSubject to damage from heat
IExplosive Class A, UN Class 1.1 or 1.2
JExplosive Class B, UN Class 1.2 or 1.3
KSpontaneously combustible substances, UN Class 4 (spontaneously combustible labels and flammable solid labels)
LWater reactive substance, UN Class 4 (flammable solid labels and dangerous when wet labels)
MMagnetic materiel
NDangerous materiel in limited quantities (no label required)
OFlammable compressed gas, UN Class 2.1 (flammable gas label)
PPoison Class B, UN Class 6 (poison label)
QSubject to damage from freezing
RFlammable liquids, UN Class 3 (flammable liquids label)
SPoison Class A, UN Class 2 (poison gas label) or UN Class 6 (poison label)
TPoison Class C, UN Class 6 (irritant label)
UCombustible Liquids (no label)
VMiscellaneous hazardous materiels, UN Class 9 (no label)
WCorrosive materiels, UN Class 8 (corrosive label)
XFlammable solids, UN Class 4 (flammable solid label)
YOxidizing materiels, UN Class 5 (oxidizer or organic peroxide label)
ZNo special type of cargo code applicable
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