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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What activities within RDT&E do you fund?

A: The RDT&E budget activities are broad categories reflecting different types of RDT&E efforts. Areas of USTRANSCOM RDT&E focus include: Systematic study to gain knowledge or understanding necessary to determine the means by which a recognized and specific need may be met. Advanced Component Development and Prototypes (BA4) Includes all efforts that have moved into the development and integration of hardware for field experiments and tests. Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 4-7 are our targets as we do use a portion of our funds to support Emerging Capabilities and Prototyping (EC&P) and Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations (JCTD).

Q: What is the typical focus and duration of the project?

A: The USTRANSCOM Handbook 60-2, details technology areas of interest. They include Command and Control/Optimization/Modeling and Simulation, End-to-End Visibility, Cyber, and Global Access. These areas identify specific technological capabilities required to enhance distribution, transportation, planning/execution, and decision support processes. The command requires greater flexibility in adjusting the flow of integrated joint capabilities that support the changing and/or evolving plan of the combatant commander. This includes a truly responsive deployment, planning and execution system that accommodates capabilities-based force packaging and flexible deployment options. Five years is generally the maximum duration USTRANSCOM is willing to support a project with funds, although exceptions are negotiable.

Q: What are the criteria for submitting a project?

A: The 61-1 outlines the specific criteria for submitting projects for consideration. Generally, initial proposals shall be limited to: A cover page with title, point of contact, organization name, and security clearance or necessary classification markings A 4-page body (technical description focused on satisfying project selection criteria) A one-page appendix (optional). Some situations require special information/supporting documents before funding can be approved. Such information/documentation may be included by appendix to the proposal. An appendix may be used to provide a diagram or concept of operations picture to help describe the proposed effort. Please use at least 11-point Times New Roman text, single-spaced, with 1-inch margins at sides, top, and bottom. Color diagrams and pictures may be included in color but are wholly optional. Number pages at bottom and include footer with proposer's organization and name. Use security markings prominently as needed. NOTE: If selected for the next round of consideration, a more detailed proposal of approximately 20 pages will be requested at a later date which expands information from the first submittal. The 4-page format submittal is meant as the proposer's opportunity to present information relevant to the USTRANSCOM RDT&E project selection criteria.

Q: What types of projects are you currently funding?

A: Our "On-going Projects" link on this web page includes one page descriptions of each of our current projects.

Q: What types of projects/efforts would you not consider funding?

A: Procurement of off-the-shelf end-items Development of Service-specific items Modernization of existing capability Funding broken programs Funding quantity-buy production

Q: If my project is selected, how do you monitor projects?

A: Monthly RDT&E expense status updates are required from our project managers and semi-annual updates (at Scott AFB or via telecom/VTC) are required to the program's leadership.

Q: When is the next project submission window?

A: The next government only solicitation for projects is TBA, but likely in the spring (industry can partner with a government organization on a proposal but the proposal must be submitted from the government).

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