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USTRANSCOM Newcomer's Checklist

Welcome to the USTRANSCOM web portal designed to assist new hires begin the Welcome Aboard Program. The information contained below is for military, civilian, and contractor new hires that will be based at USTRANSCOM HQ in Scott AFB, IL. We're glad that you're joining the command to transport the military's most crucial resources to places in need around the world.


Military and Civilian Members:
Military and civilian new hires should have received notification of a sponsor assignment. At USTRANSCOM, the sponsor's role is to answer any questions the new hire has about the command and local area, in addition to providing a professional welcoming. If you are joining USTRANSCOM within the next 30 days and have not received a sponsor assignment, please submit this form.

If you haven't been contacted by or been notified who your sponsor is please click on the link to contact your representative.

Please contact your company representative to locate your onboarding sponsor.


Employees who already have a Command Access Card (CAC) should submit the following forms 30 days prior to their anticipated start date. The DD 2875 is used for requesting access to computer systems and the AF 2586 is used to obtain the USTRANSCOM Line Badge. Both forms can be accessed below. Once they are completed, please send them to your sponsor.

To request computer accounts, complete the DISA CYBER Awareness Challenge at http://iatraining.disa.mil/eta/cyberchallenge_v3_fy15/launchPage.htm. Send a copy of the certificate to your sponsor and retain a copy for your records.

Civilian and military reservist new hires who do not already have a CAC should await their official duty assignment from Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC). Once the official orders are received, the new hire can obtain a CAC from a Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) Facility. Locate the RAPIDS facility nearest your location and to make an appointment.

Military Civilian Contractor

Arrive at USTRANSCOM, where sponsor will meet you and walk you through:

  • Visiting the Security Services Center to receive a temporary Restricted Area Badge
  • Visiting the TCJ1-P to be officially gained and receive an in-processing checklist

Officers should ensure their joint clock is started so they can begin earning joint credit. If you require additional assistance, please contact your assigned Sponsor.

Office of Public Affairs - transcom-pa@mail.mil

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