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McMillin receives Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff award and farewell from USTRANSCOM

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SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill., (USTCNS)--- Mr. Daniel F. McMillin, an Illinois native and Swansea resident, received the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Distinguished Civilian Service Award here today in front of a filled auditorium. The award is the highest-ranking civilian service award under the approval authority of the Chairman.

McMillin is currently the Deputy Director for Plans and Programs at U.S. Transportation Command. A Senior Executive Services (SES) employee, he is a DoD civilian equivalent to a general officer.

McMillin was joined by his wife Ellen, a native of Pekin, Ill., and sons Michael and Sean. His father, Jack McMillin, a decorated World War II veteran also attended the ceremony.

General John W. Handy, the commander of U.S. Transportation Command presided over the ceremony. The general first worked with McMillin in 1992, and spoke admirably of him and their 11-year association. “Dan is one of those very special people who has been able to put his fingerprints on everything we do... the tough things find their way to the J5 (McMillin’s directorate).”

Following the award presentation, McMillin thanked a very long list of generals and admirals that have served at USTRANSCOM, co-workers, and friends and family. “I know this is an awards ceremony, but it feels more like a retirement,” he said describing how hard it is to leave.

The award signed by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard Myers, highlights McMillin’s accomplishments -- of which, many were exercised and proven in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism.

Within two months of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, McMillin orchestrated an Industrial Security Advisory meeting with senior government and transportation industry leaders that collectively identified and addressed potential challenges to the nation’s transportation systems. The discussion led directly to corporate and government initiatives to better secure critical transportation infrastructure from future terrorist threats.

As a charter member and leader of the Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement, McMillin championed the need for legislation and administrative programs essential to maintaining a viable U.S. flag fleet and the U.S. Merchant Mariners necessary to support wartime sealift requirements. These initiatives solidified an unprecedented strategic partnership between the maritime industry and DoD, and guaranteed that adequate sealift capacity, intermodal capacity, and industry leadership supported the deployment and sustainment of U.S. military forces worldwide, as clearly evidenced during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. By leveraging commercial sealift capabilities, the VISA program eliminated the need for DoD to expand its own strategic sealift, avoiding an estimated $52 billion.

McMillin departs this month for duty at the Pentagon where he will serve as the Special Assistant to the Director, Programs, Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans and Programs, Headquarters, U.S. Air Force.

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