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USTRANSCOM officer awarded Bronze Star Medal

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill., (USTCNS - Oct. 1, 2003) --- Air Force, Lt. Col. Earl "Putt" R. Nason was recognized today for distinguished service in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Army, Maj. Gen. Butch Pair, chief of staff, U.S. Transportation Command, presided over the ceremony here and awarded the Bronze Star Medal to Nason.

Pair told the crowd of USTRANSCOM co-workers the importantance of witnessing such an event.

"It's rare, to be recognized and given an award for meritorious service during combat operations," Pair said. "And, it's also a rare honor to have the opportunity to witness such an event."

From January 6 to April 21, 2003, Nason was the Deputy Director, Manpower and Personnel Directorate, Ninth Expeditionary Force at Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudia Arabia.

"Nason's decisive leadership and foresight proved instrumental in forging the first-ever United States Central Command Air Forces seamless Manpower and Personnel Operations battle staff", the citation reads. "His relentless persistence drove the successful deployment of the largest aerospace expeditionary force ever."

He is now assigned to the USTRANSCOM Directorate of Manpower and Personnel where he serves as the Chief, Air Force Personnel Cell, and Air Force Element Commander.

USTRANSCOM provides the synchronized transportation, distribution, and sustainment which enables projecting and maintaining national power where needed, with the greatest speed and agility, with the highest efficiency, and with the most reliable level of trust and accuracy.

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