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General Handy inducted into AMC Order of the Sword

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, ILL. (USTCNS) --- Representatives from the 43,000-strong Air Mobility Command enlisted force honored the commander of U.S. Transportation Command and AMC during an Order of the Sword ceremony here July 29.

More than 400 Airmen from across the command and Air National Guard and Reserve units attended the ceremony honoring Gen. John Handy, as he became only the seventh person in AMC to receive the Order of the Sword.

"The Order of the Sword is the highest honor and tribute noncommissioned officers can bestow upon an individual," said Command Chief Master Sgt. Mike Kerver, the AMC command chief. "General Handy is a leader among leaders and a man among men. It is only befitting we honor him by pledging our loyalty to him with a symbol of power, strength and justice."

The evening ceremony began as all 400 Airmen in attendance and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Gerald Murray stood outside the Scott Club to welcome General Handy. After dinner, two Scott AFB Honor Guard members carried the ceremonial sword into the ballroom.

The sword stands more than six feet tall and takes two people to carry. Highly polished, it shines bright as a symbol of power rightfully used. With a gold handle and fine details, it represents truth and justice.

Also during the evening, every enlisted attendee signed a proclamation swearing an oath of loyalty to General Handy. The scroll was presented to the general later that evening.

"In my almost 39 years of service, no one left more of an impression on me than Master Sgt. Cliff Brasil," said General Handy, who first met the NCO in 1968 when he was a second lieutenant. "He was my first sergeant and was a role model for me and was the sharpest NCO. I thought of him throughout my career and hoped I could match his professionalism and high standards."

The general didn't forget the NCO. When General Handy pinned on his fourth star, retired Master Sgt. Cliff Brasil was there.

Set to retire this fall, the general offered the enlisted members some advice. "Someone is looking to you to be a 'Cliff Brasil.' Each of you doing your work with pride, professionalism and dedication has empowered me to do things for you. You all have made me so proud to wear our uniform. I am so proud of you all."

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