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SDDC honors seven traffic managers as best in 2004

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (USTCNS) --- Seven traffic managers representing the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency, U.S. Coast Guard and Army and Air Force Exchange Service were recognized by the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command with Excellence in Traffic Management Awards Sep. 14.

The awards were presented by Maj. Gen. Charles W. Fletcher, Jr., commanding general of SDDC, during a special banquet honoring the traffic managers at the National Defense Transportation Association’s 59th Annual Forum and Exposition in San Diego, Calif.

Vicky Joseph, chief of Freight Documentation Operations at Fort Hood, Texas, was honored as best in the Army.

According to her nomination package, Joseph played a primary vital role in Fort Hood’s redeployment of the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized), numerous 13th Corps Support Command units, as well as a large number of United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard units in 2004. She was an essential key element in several deployments of various units.

Joseph prepared the rail load plans as well as directed the ordering and preparation of commercial billing for 3,479 rail cars, to and from four sea ports of embarkation. She also ordered, prepared billings for, and operated a node that oversaw the loading and unloading of 1,389 commercial line-haul trucks in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Her participation was key to the coordination of deploying units and was a big part of why Fort Hood never missed a port call and never cancelled an aircraft among other achievements.

The other six traffic managers honored at the ceremony include Navy specialist Peter Pappalardo, Jr; Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Jay Michael Auwae; Air Force Staff Sgt. Raja Beckles; Coast Guard specialist E. “Al” Cabais; Defense Logistics Agency specialist Andres Avila; and Army and Air Force Exchange Service manager Danne L. Raborn.

Each year SDDC honors exceptional traffic managers at the annual NDTA forum. Civilians, GS-12 and below, enlisted military personnel and foreign nationals are eligible for this award.

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