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GTN Releases Motor Carrier Compliance Enhancement

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (USTCNS) --- Better tracking of motor carrier contract compliance, providing improved support to the military services, is just one benefit of an update to U.S. Transportation Command's (USTRANSCOM) Global Transportation Network (GTN).

USTRANSCOM, in partnership with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), has completed the first of three planned product improvement releases for the GTN, designed to fulfill a long-standing requirement for a Department of Defense-wide distribution data warehouse - a repository of DOD's distribution-related historical data.

The Motor Carrier Compliance (MCC) capability, released June 29, provides the data warehousing capability. The enhancement improves tracking of contract carrier performance against contractual standards.

The MCC capability allows USTRANSCOM's ground component, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), and other users of GTN to determine exactly which Tailored Transportation Contract II (TTC II) commercial truck carriers are complying with requirements to submit electronic statuses of movement. TTC II contracts are for the movement of high volume, repetitive shipments of all kinds of freight from the 19 stateside DLA depots and some of the major military service shipping activities.

This new ability allows the government to take corrective action with noncompliant carriers, leading to improved surface distribution results, better data quality, and elimination of serious gaps in the end-to-end distribution common operating picture for warfighters.

This release is also significant because it uses data services from the DLA's Integrated Data Environment (IDE) program, a key step toward the IDE and GTN Convergence program which will begin in fiscal year 2008. IDE/GTN Convergence, or IGC, is a DLA/USTRANSCOM partnership initiative that will provide a single point of access to decision support-related data and information within DLA and USTRANSCOM, and between DLA/USTRANSCOM and external systems. The convergence will enable supply chain, logistics, transportation and distribution-related visibility, and consistent access to common authoritative data.

"Our success at converging management of these two systems will give us better business processes at the distribution centers and ports, and will build the confidence of our warfighting clients in our reliability," said Army Lt. Gen. Robert T. Dail, DLA director. "Ultimately the military units will be able to track their items through a Web site using the technologies in this initiative. We believe that they won't feel the need to use that tracking capability, though, because we will have improved performance in TRANSCOM and DLA through this convergence so that the military services will have confidence in our ability to deliver when and where they require it."

IGC also allows legacy components of GTN to be retired and newer ones to be expanded in conjunction with services provided by the IDE to replace the existing capabilities of GTN, as well as create new ones.

For additional information, contact the USTRANSCOM public affairs office at 618-229-4828.

Office of Public Affairs - transcom-pa@mail.mil
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