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USTRANSCOM commander shares intent as DOD's Distribution Process Owner

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. - Gen. Duncan J. McNabb, commander of U.S. Transportation Command, has shared his intent as the Department of Defense's Distribution Process Owner in a memorandum addressed to the service chiefs, other combatant commanders, and many of the DOD's most senior logisticians.

McNabb assumed command of USTRANSCOM in September 2008; five years (to the month) since the Secretary of Defense designated the commander of USTRANSCOM as the DPO.

Although new to the position, he was no stranger to the state of DOD's distribution enterprise.

McNabb's extensive transportation and logistics experience from the Air Force and the joint community allowed him to formulate his intent for the DPO and to focus on a few significant themes:

* The DPO must advance the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise to the next level.

* The DPO will provide common-sense distribution initiatives with the underlying goals of improving velocity, precision, visibility, and efficiency.

* The DPO is an integrator.

* The work ahead cannot be accomplished by one individual, and requires support from leaders.

In the memorandum, dated Dec. 17, McNabb recognizes the successful foundation built for the JDDE and affirms the need to keep moving in the right direction. "The DPO, with its partners, has achieved remarkable improvements in distribution velocity, precision, visibility, and efficiency," the memo states. "However, to position ourselves for the future and attain world-class distribution and supply chain solutions for the warfighter, the DPO must advance the JDDE to the next level."

McNabb promises common-sense distribution initiatives aimed at improving velocity, precision, visibility, and efficiency. This approach is necessary to meet the challenges of
building "an integrated, networked, end-to-end distribution capability that delivers for the warfighter to the 'right place,' at the 'right time' and at the best value for the nation."

According to the letter of intent, McNabb sees the DPO as an enabler to facilitate the combined efforts of many for a common good. "Now more than ever, we need an integrator - the original intent of the DPO - to reduce the barriers that hinder us from working as one team."

Before closing, McNabb reached out to the senior leaders and logisticians stating, "I need your support so we - together - can drive those necessary improvements that none can accomplish individually."

(To read the actual DPO Letter of Intent, go to www.transcom.mil/dpo and look under the "DPO Vision" portion of the Web page)


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