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Command asks staff about workplace environment now, stakeholders next month about performance

This month the commander asks TRANSCOM civilian and military members to complete an organizational command climate survey. In March, both TRANSCOM employees and stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment on performance.

“I can only address an issue when it is accurately identified,” said Air Force Gen. William M. Fraser III, commander, U.S. Transportation Command, in an e-mail to his staff, announcing the launch of a climate assessment survey.

The survey is the first of two efforts the command is using to gather both internal and external stakeholder feedback on a variety of issues, from the workplace environment to USTRANSCOM performance. Results from both surveys are used to shape work policies as well as command strategy and culture.

The command launched the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Organizational Climate Survey this week, and it closes Feb. 29. It polls internal staff on a range of topics including discrimination, organizational pride, work group effectiveness and job satisfaction. Employees received information and an access code from their directorate.

The last climate survey was in May 2009 and is offered per the commander’s discretion. The majority of questions are generated by DEOMI, but Fraser also added several. He will see the results and share them with directorates.

“This is another channel to provide direct feedback to the commander and make sure the organization is healthy,” said Air Force Col. David Czzowitz, director, manpower and personnel, USTRANSCOM. “The more input, the better data he has to take action upon. I encourage command military and civilian staff to complete the survey and expound upon any issues and perceptions in the open comments sections.”

The second questionnaire, scheduled for release the first week of March, asks both internal and external stakeholders about their perception of USTRANSCOM’s performance in such areas as warfighter support, process improvement and enterprise synchronization. This annual questionnaire will be revised this year and serve as a new benchmark for subsequent findings.

“We want even more feedback than we’ve received in the past. Answer the questions yourself and encourage your colleagues at partner organizations to do so, too,” said Army Maj. Gen. Gregory Couch, chief of staff, USTRANSCOM. “What we heard in previous years led to new initiatives in the areas you said needed work. For example, both of these tools indicated we needed to open up the lines of communication. I hope you’ve seen the results of our efforts, but either way, let us know.”

The command will share results of the stakeholder questionnaire with internal staff and external partners via the command's internal blog and www.transcom.mil, as well as in-person, project-based briefings.


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