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USTRANSCOM offers lunchtime software training

TRANSCOM workers take the opportunity to sharpen their computer skills on popular programs during Brown Bag lunch sessions.

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – Gnawing on an apple, Navy Chief Petty Officer Michael Bartsch listened as Tony Ballard explained various aspects of a popular software series. 

Surrounding Bartsch, tables and computer stations in the Building 1961 training room were covered with Pringles and soda cans, salads, sandwiches and lunch bags as U.S. Transportation Command workers took advantage of a Brown Bag Lunch computer program training seminar. 

The one-hour lunchtime classes are offered by the USTRANSCOM C4S training Team as a convenient way to educate workers on various software. 

“We were finding out that some of our personnel did not have time to dedicate four hours to a training class,” said Kathleen Wyrosdick, training specialist.  “And they were simply interested in a topic that could improve their job performance.” 

The training team decided to offer the first one hour session in Excel PivotTables April 3. 

“Yesterday’s PivotTables seminar was the first session of the series,” said Tony Ballard, training specialist.  “The attendance was great.  We had 18 people show up, and due to the popular demand, we are holding another PivotTable seminar on April 11 from 12-1 p.m.” 

According to Ballard, the second class was nearly full just two days after the first class was held.  With this amount of interest, the team plans to offer the sessions monthly. 

“We are currently looking at the list of topics provided by the attendees yesterday,” Ballard said, “as well as some ideas that we have discussed for possible future topics.” 

According to members of the C4S Training Team, future these topics will include Microsoft Publisher, using communities more effectively in Distribute.mil, advanced features of Microsoft Outlook and using formulas and functions within Microsoft Excel. 

“Our goals with these Brown Bag Lunches,” Ballard said, “are to introduce and explain how specific features and programs used within USTRANSCOM can increase productivity and reduce stress. 

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