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USTRANSCOM’s Gen. Fraser’s Army Birthday message

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – Realizing the need to unite forces, the Continental Congress established our Army on June 14th, 1775.  It began with just ten companies of riflemen who pledged to enlist as soldiers for one year to face the world's strongest military of that day.  Through the centuries, our Army grew into the most decisive land force in the world.

From winning our nation's independence to preserving the Union through the Civil War; from treading through uncertain terrain in Europe, the Pacific and the Middle East to defending our borders here at home; soldiers answer the call, through any season, through any sacrifice.

Today, our Army is the best equipped, best trained and best led in history because of the more than one million professionals in the active-duty Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard who carry the same patriotism and devotion of the soldiers of the Continental Army.

Soldiers are also engaged for our nation in nearly 150 countries around the world, with more than 93,000 deployed and nearly 95,000 forward stationed. Soldiers aren't the only ones who deploy under the Army flag.  More than 23,000 Army civilians have deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001.

While our soldiers and civilians truly make our Army strong, they couldn't do what they do without the support of their families.  Fathers, mothers, spouses and children serve side-by-side with our service men and women through the hardships, providing a stable pillar to the spirit of our Army.

We are proud of you - our soldiers, civilians, retirees and veterans – and your families.  Thank you for your sacrifices and your steadfast devotion to duty.  Your courage and dedication are the hallmarks of the United States Army and the foundation of our nation's freedoms

In 1775, even before the Declaration of Independence, those believing in a free nation placed a special trust and confidence in its Army.  In all points of its existence through the last 237 years, the Army has kept its promises with the American people.  No matter the task, no matter the environment, no matter the difficulty - America's Army will always accomplish the mission.

Happy Birthday, Army.  You've shown phenomenal strength for 237 years and remain Army Strong. 

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