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USTRANSCOM Leaders Unite to Advance Command Priorities

Senior leaders from across the U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) enterprise gathered in downtown St. Louis for a leadership offsite May 16 to discuss strategic progress addressing their four Command Priorities:

  • Ensure Today’s Readiness…Advocate for Tomorrow’s Capabilities

  • Advance Cyber Domain Capabilities

  • Evolve for Tomorrow; and

  • Champion an Innovative, Diverse, and Agile Workforce

 The event was organized into four sessions called “Acts”. During Act One, the leadership team discussed the significance of understanding oneself, understanding others and adapting one’s behavioral style to work effectively with their peers.

 “If you haven’t figured out who you are and how you prefer to lead, you are not doing yourself or your team any good,” said Air Force Gen. Darren W. McDew, commander, USTRANSCOM.

 Act Two honed in on the current state of progress surrounding the four Command Priorities, highlighting successes since adopting the Command Priorities as well as barriers that impeded strategic progress.

 In Act Three, the leadership team participated in a war-gaming exercise, where small groups discussed ways to mitigate potential risks to the command. The exercise highlighted the importance of operational and organizational agility, alignment and collaboration between USTRANSCOM headquarters and the component commands.

 The day concluded with Act Four, which focused on defining what successful strategic execution looks like at USTRANSCOM and the significance of aligning command activities toward the same direction. The leadership team identified catalysts to drive strategic execution at all levels of the command, and committed to strategic action in the days, weeks and months ahead.

 USTRANSCOM leaders walked away from the event with a deeper understanding of USTRANSCOM’s strengths and barriers, greater alignment and a commitment to driving strategic progress across the command.

 “Today was really powerful,” remarked McDew in closing. “Thank you for what you do every day and for taking the time to come here. I enjoy this team and the time we have together.”


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