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US, ROK sign revised Implementing Arrangement for Mutual Airlift Support Agreement

USTRANSCOM's Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Flournoy, signs the revised Implementing Arrangement while (left to right) Col. Joe Meyer, USTRANSCOM LNO to USFK/UNC/CFC; Sok Hong "Steve" Kim, Traffic Management Specialist, USFK; Joe Lepanto, International Agreements Manager, TCJ4-PD; and Col. Heon Jeong, chief, Transportation Branch, ROK Air Force Headquarters look on. Photo by Bob Fehringer, USTRANSCOM/PA

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Members of the United States and Republic of Korea (ROK) Air Transportation Working Group, known as ATWG, met at U.S. Transportation Command July 11-12 to discuss policy and procedures relating to the U.S. and ROK Mutual Airlift Support Agreement. 

The ATWG is composed of USTRANSCOM, Air Mobility Command, 18th Air Force and U.S. Forces Korea personnel forming the U.S team and personnel from ROK Air Force (ROKAF), ROK Transportation Command, Ministry of National Defense, and Korea Air forming the ROK team.  This was the 30th year anniversary for this annual conference which alternates every year between Scott AFB and a ROK military facility.

"The MASA (Mutual Airlift Support Agreement) increases airlift capability and flexibility during a contingency by using Korean Air aircraft to transport U.S. troops and equipment to forward operating bases in or near the Korean Peninsula," said Joe Lepanto, USTRANSCOM Doctrine and Command Agreements Branch.

During the meeting, Maj. Gen. Flournoy, chief of staff, USTRANSCOM, signed the recently revised Implementing Arrangement (IA) on behalf of the United States. 

"The IA specifies the procedures and financial arrangement of the MASA," Lepanto said, "and was updated to allow aircraft operating under the MASA to be used for air evacuation of injured troops and evacuation of non-combatants as well as updating organizational changes in ROKAF, USFK, and USTRANSCOM.

 "The ROK and USFK teams will fly on to Joint Base Charleston for a tour and briefings at a large Air Mobility Command Wing," added Lepanto.

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