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Fueling the fight: USTRANSCOM celebrates new global bulk fuel mission

From left, U.S. Transportation Command Commander Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Operations Director Rear Adm. Joseph Noble, USTRANSCOM Strategic Plans, Policy and Logistics Director Rear Adm. Philip Sobeck, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics Leigh Method, pose for a photo June 5, 2023, at Scott Air Force, Illinois. USTRANSCOM held a commemoration ceremony in honor of being named the global bulk fuel single manager for the Defense Department.

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. — U.S. Transportation Command celebrated the addition of a sixth mission as the manager for global bulk fuel management and delivery, and "the magnitude of the command’s new responsibility cannot be understated," USTRANSCOM Commander Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost said yesterday.

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony on Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Van Ovost underscored the importance of partnerships as the command assumed this new role.

“TRANSCOM is a team of teams, in lockstep with the combatant commands, services, and Defense Logistics Agency,” Van Ovost said. “Together, we will continue to provide assured delivery to the warfighter.”

As the manager, USTRANSCOM will work with bulk fuel stakeholders to address known gaps in the joint petroleum enterprise, resulting in better fuel movement and distribution processes before and during a crisis.

Guest speakers also included the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics Leigh Method and Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Operations Director Rear Adm. Joseph Noble.

Method offered her remarks during the ceremony, saying, “Our continued support is critical to be able to help TRANSCOM lead the joint team towards full operational capability by September of 2024” and “improve the [Defense Department’s] ability to rapidly supply and deliver fuel to our forces in the world.”

In April 2023, President Joe Biden signed the 2022 Unified Command Plan — a strategic document establishing the combat commands' missions, responsibilities, and geographic areas of responsibility. USTRANSCOM now has six mission sets:

— DOD’s single manager for transportation, gained in 1992.

— DOD’s single manager for patient movement, gained in 1993.

— Mobility joint force provider, gained in 2006.

— Joint enabling capabilities, gained in 2011.

— Joint deployment and distribution enterprise, gained in 2020.

— Single manager for global bulk fuel management and delivery, gained in 2023.

“Why TRANSCOM?” the Van Ovost asked the audience. “Because we have demonstrated to the American people time and time again that [our] core competencies of global distribution, command and control, and prioritization can project and sustain the joint force at any time and location the mission demands. They have full faith and confidence in us!”

USTRANSCOM will continue to work closely with DLA as it carries out its integrated materiel management responsibility, including but not limited to the procurement, transportation, and storage of bulk fuel to the point of sale.

During the ceremony, Noble said, “The framework that has been established leverages the strengths of both TRANSCOM and DLA to ensure fuel delivery across the globe, particularly as we prepare for and think about the potential for operations in a contested environment. 

“TRANSCOM’s proven capability as the global distribution provider, coupled with DLA’s expertise, will strengthen the [Defense Department’s] ability to ensure delivery of this essential commodity,” he continued. 

Van Ovost echoed Noble’s sentiment, noting that “How we accomplish this mission relies on our relationships with each other.

“We will win together by adapting to the [Defense Secretary’s] priorities in the everchanging operational environment,” she continued. “We will adjust our posture, our capacity, [command and control], and integrate with the supported combatant commands at the speed of need. And remain responsive globally.”


U.S. Transportation Command is a warfighting combatant command that projects and sustains military power at a time and place of the nation’s choosing. Powered by dedicated men and women, USTRANSCOM underwrites the lethality of the joint force, advances American interests around the globe, and provides our nation’s leaders with strategic flexibility to select from multiple options, while creating multiple dilemmas for our adversaries.

Editor's note: This article was updated June 6 at 10:15 a.m. CDT

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