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USTRANSCOM Ramps Up Collaboration to Implement Global Household Goods Contract


SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – United States Transportation Command is gaining momentum on its efforts to begin a phased launch of personal property shipments moving under the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) in September of 2023.

“This major transformation is about providing quality service to our customers,” said Andy Dawson, Director of the Defense Personal Property Management Office (DPMO). “Our success is dependent on persistent and meaningful collaboration across the DOD Personal Property community.”

The USTRANSCOM team, along with GHC prime contractor HomeSafe Alliance LLC, is conducting on-site and virtual events with leaders from the military services, Joint Personal Property Shipping Offices (JPPSO), and other U.S. Government agencies. Events include exercises to test and improve DOD’s information technology system, MilMove, as well as discussions about DOD roles under the GHC.

“These events are part of our larger change management strategy for GHC,” said Melissa Jordan, Chief of Strategic Engagements for the DPMO. “We’re aiming for multi-directional dialogue and collaboration with our personal property teams who locally manage moves for our customers with a goal of ensuring quality service continues uninterrupted at each location during the transition.” 

To launch the program, Dawson and his team have developed a measured, conditions-based phase-in approach for personal property shipments under GHC in an effort to reduce risk factors that could impede successful implementation.

“Our work with HomeSafe Alliance is helping us confirm our systems and operational processes are fully integrated and tested before we launch into peak moving season of 2024,” said Dawson. 

An initial hand-selected group of domestic shipments under GHC will occur in September of 2023 with a plan to gradually phase in all domestic shipments by the summer of 2024. International shipments under GHC are scheduled to begin phasing in during September of 2024, with a goal of all personal property shipments moving under the GHC program by May of 2025, the beginning of “peak season.”

The command plans to use a methodical, deliberate approach to the phase in, to ensure issues are addressed early, before shipment volume increases.

“We want to make sure that both MilMove is fully integrated with HomeSafe’s system, and that quality packers and movers supporting the service members are fully prepared before taking on the higher summer move volume,” said Dawson. “We’ll be able to dial up or dial down the number of shipments during the phase in to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.”

Jordan emphasized sharing the progress of GHC efforts is important, but USTRANSCOM is timing their customer communication to avoid potential confusion.

“In addition to the counseling and support from installation personal property offices, service members can find a wealth of information to inform their upcoming move on Military OneSource at www.militaryonesource.mil/personalproperty,” she said.

As the 2023 peak moving season winds down, customers will see a shift on the Military OneSource “Moving Your Personal Property” webpages, adding more information about what to expect under GHC in 2024. Jordan noted that under GHC, customers can expect modernized tools to manage their move, more streamlined communication with HomeSafe, and a more seamless process should they need to file a claim for loss or damage.  

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