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Deep dive on process automation

Members of the USTRANSCOM Knowledge Management Working Group discuss process automation at the Jan. 17 meeting held in Building 1948. Photo by Army Maj. Nichole Downs, USTRANSCOM/PA


In response to Gen. McDew’s workforce challenge to generate white space by identifying and deleting non-value adding activities, the January USTRANSCOM Knowledge Management Working Group met Jan. 17 in Building 1948 and focused on a new topic for the command’s knowledge management representatives:  process automation.

PA is a software-based capability that will allow USTRANSCOM to help its workforce focus on higher-value activities. Christopher Huff, a senior manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP and a PA subject matter expert with experience implementing solutions at federal and commercial organizations, facilitated the session. The focus was to arm the KMRs with knowledge about PA and how to identify viable PA candidates. Two command members who submitted PA capability ideas during the recent Innovation Challenge on emerging technologies also attended the meeting.

In its simplest form, PA is computer-coded software that mimics human tasks for rules-based business processes. Tasks PA is capable of performing include opening/executing computer applications (i.e., Outlook, Word, Excel), copying and pasting text, following if/then decisions, searching data from the web and filling in forms.

PA can help the command stop using its most valuable asset -- its talent -- to perform repetitive, manual activities. With automated business processes, the workforce can focus on some of the more pressing challenges to the command that require research, analysis, reporting and human judgment. 

A detailed overview of PA is available at this Technology, Entertainment and Design Talk (TED Talk) video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SximAg9t4w

Command members are encouraged to identify business processes that can be automated. Contact your directorate-level KMR or email TCCS-KM at:

The KMWG is a monthly meeting in which KMRs share best practices and updates around process management and governance at the command.
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