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Air Mobility Command Channel Cargo Service

AMC channel cargo service is a common-user airlift service provided to DOD activities worldwide(CONUS and OCONUS theaters, between OCONUS theaters, and within OCONUS theaters) on a scheduled basis between two points and charged on a per pound basis. The types of channel cargo service available are:

  1. Distribution or Contingency Channels
  2. Cargo Channels

AMC channels are established, suspended, changed, or canceled based on the requirements and upon the request of the military departments and/or theater unified COCOMs. Although any changes to channel requirement may originate from various sources, a Service HQ or theater-unified COCOM must validate and USTRANSCOM must approve the requirement.

Types Of Channel Flights:

Distribution channels: Channel that services two points on a recurring basis with actual movements dependent on the volume of traffic; on the basis of operational necessity for support of a mission sensitive area; or for quality of life purposes in remote areas.

Contingency Channels: Channels that service two points based on operational necessity to support mission, operation, and contingencies, directed by the SECDEF and are in accordance with the Joint Chiefs of Staffs DOD Transportation Movement Priority System.

Special Airlift Assignment Missions (SAAM)

A Special Airlift Assignment Mission (SAAM) is a mission performing and providing an exclusive service for a specific user at a desired movement time.

SAAM are funded airlift missions that cannot be supported by channel missions due to:

Designated DOD component representatives will forward SAAM requests via the applicable validating office to USTRANSCOM/AMC.

Criteria for establishing SAAM priorities are found in:
Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Pub 15, Mobility System Policies, procedures and Considerations
Appendix B of the Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) 4500-9R Part I
Submission of SAAM priorities and request are outlined in Appendix A and Appendix B.
Appendix Q of the Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) 4500-9R Part II.
Submission of SAAM requests are outlined in Appendix Q.

Joint Operational Support Airlift (OSA)

OSA missions and associated flights, military and Department of Defense (DOD) civilians on official business or high-priority passenger and cargo movements with time, place or mission-sensitive requirements. These flights are scheduled within the continental United States (CONUS) by the Joint Operational Support Airlift Center (JOSAC), located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. JOSAC is the single manager for scheduling all DOD fixed-wing OSA requirements within CONUS.


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