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Patient Movement

TRANSCOM Patient Movements Requirement Center (TPMRC)

The TPMRCs serve as a single manager for global patient movement. TPMRCs provide clinical validation, medical regulating (matching patients to beds), and coordinates patient movement requirements by air-lift in the most efficient means possible.

There are three TPMRCs that serve specific regions of the globe:
Primary populations served:


  • Required for civilian facilities only to include VA facilities
    • For ground transportation at the originating facility to the airport
    • For ground transportation to the destination
    • For treatment at the destination facility
  • Tricare authorizations and information regarding ground transportation must be provided to the TPMRCs
  • Mil Air AE: 62 linear inches (length plus width plus height) or 70lbs for each piece (140 total for two pieces of checked baggage)
  • Civilian Air Ambulance: 30lbs per person
  • One NMA is authorized per patient at the discretion of the Validating Flight Surgeon
  • An NMA is required for patients who are minors
  • Anything beyond one NMA requires an ETP letter

Only Reserve and Guard members on active orders are authorized to fly - these orders must be provided to the TPMRC

Patient Air Evacuation Packet

3899 Form

ETP Letter for Multiple NMAs

EFMP PCS checklist for AE Moves

Patient Movement Briefs with COVID Screening

Patient Movement Request Clinical Guide


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