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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Passenger Travel (GOPAX)

  1. Are GOPAX movements strictly commercial? Yes, GOPAX requests are supported by the commercial industry.
  2. How do you apply for a GOPAX movements? Work through the TMO / ITO to submit a request in GOPAX.
  3. Are GOPAX movements requests for passengers and/or cargo? No, it only for passenger movements.
  4. How many passengers can be transported? Contact the validator to determine the exact number.
  5. Are there any baggage limits? You can apply for excess baggage.
  6. Who and what establishes the priority of the requested flights? The validators determine the priority by using government provided Regulations such as CJCSI 4120.02 A - Assignment of Movement Priority. Appendix A of JP 4-01 Joint Staff will assist if needed to mediate. DTR, Appendix 1 for passengers/Cargo.
  7. Why are priorities established? The effective use of DoD transportation resources to move passengers and cargo requires the establishment of transportation priorities. These assigned transportation priorities enable logistic managers to determine mode and sequence of movement in meeting both peacetime and wartime requirements.
  8. Does the requester have to pay for the movement? Yes. The requester or the Service validator (USA, USN, Marines & USAF), will pay for the GOPAX if they approve the request.
  9. Are round trips available and if so does the requester have to request it? Yes. GOPAX can produce one way, round trip and multiple stops as long as it is on the request.
  10. Are GOPAX flights available for CONUS and/or OCONUS destinations? No. Just CONUS only locations plus Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  11. Are there restrictions on when the requester can travel? No, the requester determines when he wants to travel when he submits the request in GOPAX.
  12. How do we schedule our movement date? The TMO will coordinate movement dates with the requestor
  13. Are GOPAX flights on scheduled departures and arrivals? They can be if the request is for a low number of passengers and the movement is coordinated by the TMO through a commercial carrier. The requester can request movement for anytime through the TMO.
  14. Can you use GOPAX movements at any time? You can request them at any time.
  15. Is there a minimum time to request a GOPAX flight/bus? USTRANSCOM prefers 7 days minimum to work the GOPAX request. In short notice situations USTRANSCOM can process a GOPAX movement in 96 hours.
  16. Is there a cost savings for early requests for a GOPAX movement? The further out for the flight date the better.
  17. Are return flights and buses available? Yes
  18. How does requester request to use GOPAX? GOPAX is only authorized for Installation Transportation Offices
  19. Where do GOPAX aircraft/buses go? They can go just about anywhere in CONUS plus Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  20. What if any are the costs involved for the requester? The costs of the movement request will be billed by AMC/FM. The cost of the GOPAX flight is all inclusive to include positioning and de-positioning and a Cost Recovery Rate (CRR).
  21. Is there a way to track GOPAX movements? No
  22. What are some useful hyperlinks for information to GOPAX movements?
    • DTR website at https://www.ustranscom.mil/dtr/index.cfm
    • GOPAX (Government and Commercial Carriers) website at https://gopax.transport.mil
  23. What are other references for additional GOPAX information?
    • Additional GOPAX information can be found in Chapters 1, 2, 3 and article #1 of DTR 4500.9

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