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Frequently Asked Questions

Operational Support Airlift

  1. Who can request airlift through JOSAC? Military personnel and DoD civilian employees with official business travel requirements may request OSA.
  2. Are JOSAC flights scheduled only for DoD cargo or passengers? Yes. The use of OSA aircraft is restricted to the transport of DoD personnel, government property, other official government passengers, and other passengers or cargo as authorized by DoD directives, regulations, and policies.
  3. Are round trips available on JOSAC airlift? Round trips can be requested, but each request is looked at independently. Support may only be available for only one portion of the round trip. In these cases, travelers may 1) opt to retain the available JOSAC flight and utilize commercial airlift to fulfill the remaining portion, or 2) cancel the OSA airlift request and utilize round trip commercial airlift.
  4. How do you request JOSAC airlift? Requesting organizations can apply by filling out DD 2768 form and submitting it to their Service airlift validation office. Requesters are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of this form, which is required for the scheduling of OSA missions. The correct version of Form DD 2768 can be found on the USTRANSCOM portal, JOSAC website, or through the Service validation offices.
  5. Who sets the priority for JOSAC flights? The appropriate Service validator shall assign the final PUJC (Priority, Urgency, Justification, Category) code.
  6. Is airlift the only way to transport cargo or passengers through JOSAC? Yes. JOSAC missions are strictly military airlift.
  7. Are JOSAC missions totally free of all charges? Yes. JOSAC support is a by-product of aircrew and pilot training.
  8. Are there any restrictions as to what type of cargo is eligible to be transported by the JOSAC flights? Cargo is predominantly baggage but mail, aircraft parts, electronic parts, medical equipment and other items are also sometimes transported. Hazardous material requirements should be specifically listed on Form DD 2768.
  9. Are there any limitations to the dimensions of the cargo? Yes, depending on the type of aircraft and its loading limitations. Coordination will be required for cargo of unusual dimension, palletized cargo and oversized items.
  10. Are there any weight limits on cargo? Usually, passengers are limited to 40 lbs. of carry-on baggage. More weight can be requested by passengers, but it may displace/lessen the number of passengers allowed for transport.
  11. Can hazardous material fly on JOSAC mission? Yes.
  12. If pallets and/or packaging are required for cargo who pays for it? It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to pay for all pallets and packaging materials.
  13. Are JOSAC missions available for CONUS and OCONUS destinations? OSA airlift is primarily restricted to CONUS travel with exceptions for USNORTHCOM requirements within the USNORTHCOM area of responsibility.
  14. Do JOSAC flights only go to designated military bases? No. Flights may be requested for any military or civilian airfield. JOSAC will ensure that the requested fields meet designated aircraft requirements or will utilize the next closest field within proximity.
  15. Who arranges for cargo/passenger transportation to/from the airfield? The requesting organization is responsible for arranging ground movement of passengers/cargo to and from each pick-up/drop-off location.
  16. When are flights available? A requesting organization can request JOSAC airlift for any time, 24/7; however, chances of support are reduced for flights requested to depart before 0600L and after 1700L. Support rates are highest during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Passenger flexibility will maximize the chances of support.
  17. How much lead time is required for a JOSAC request? Submit travel requests for JOSAC as early as possible via the Service validator. It is recommended to submit requests at least 7 days prior to the desired date of travel, which will significantly increase the likelihood for support.
  18. Can a requesting organization ask for a specific departure or arrival date and time? Yes. Travel windows must always be specified on each request for airlift. Specific time requirements should be stated on Form DD 2768.
  19. When will I be receive notification of support from JOSAC? You will receive notification of support no earlier than 7 days prior to your requested travel date. If JOSAC is unable to support your airlift as requested, you will be notified no later than 3 business days prior to travel.
  20. Does anyone sign for the cargo? If a cargo-only request is transported on a JOSAC flight, the flight commander will be responsible for the cargo. Prior coordination will need to be made by the requesting organization for someone to immediately pickup the cargo once the aircraft arrives at the destination terminal.
  21. Can an escort accompany the shipment? Yes. An escort will usually accompany any cargo shipment.
  22. How is customs or inspections handled for JOSAC missions? These circumstances only apply to USNORTHCOM requirements within the USNORTHCOM area of responsibility. Contact the USNORTHCOM validation office for more information.
  23. Is there a way to track the JOSAC flights? Yes. Access may be granted to the USTRANSCOM Single Mobility System (SMS), which is a web-based application. Flights may also be tracked utilizing the Federal Aviation Administration’s Traffic Situation Display (TSD) application. Both of these systems require authorized access.

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