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2023 News Archive (50)

Air Force trailblazer, Maj. Gen. Leavitt, retires after 31 years of service

Air Force trailblazer, Maj. Gen. Leavitt, retires after 31 years of service
Published: Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Combined working group embodies USTRANSCOM’s motto

U.S. Transportation Command hosted a combined working group to discuss the Mutual Airlift Support Agreement. This longstanding agreement between the United States and the Republic of Korea allows the exchange of airlift during contingency operations on the Korean peninsula.
Published: Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Gen. Van Ovost awarded French National Order of Merit

French Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Laurent Bili, presented the French National Order of Merit to Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, commander, U.S. Transportation Command.
Published: Friday, September 15, 2023
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USTRANSCOM and HomeSafe Alliance continue Global Household Goods Contract transition

The Defense Personal Property Management Office at U.S. Transportation Command and the military services’ personal property functions have adjusted the timeline under which shipments will be ordered using the Global Household Goods Contract.
Published: Monday, September 11, 2023
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Sobeck takes command of Military Sealift Command as Wettlaufer retires

Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, USTRANSCOM commander, presides over the MSC change of command ceremony aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) at Naval Station Norfolk, Sept. 8.
Published: Friday, September 08, 2023
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USTRANSCOM, maritime partners discuss sealift readiness, plan for future challenges

Defense leaders met with maritime industry partners on Aug. 30 during the bi-annual Sealift Executive Working Group , at the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education in Piney Point, Maryland, to enhance cooperation on key sealift issues.
Published: Thursday, September 07, 2023
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Team Scott celebrates Women's Equality Day

In observance of Women's Equality Day, Team Scott and U.S. Transportation Command hosted a lunch and learn, aimed at supporting and reflecting on the significant strides women have made in the military to establish a more equitable service.
Published: Thursday, September 07, 2023
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MV Ocean Giant Returns to Norfolk from 4th Resupply Mission

The MSC chartered heavy lift container ship MV Ocean Giant concluded its two-day retrograde offload in Naval Station Norfolk, Aug. 12. The vessel’s offload was part of MSC’s annual Operation Pacer Goose resupply mission to Pituffik Space Base — formerly known as Thule Air Force Base — in Greenland.
Published: Thursday, August 17, 2023
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Units Conduct Complex Logistics Operation at Talisman Sabre 23

Units participating in Exercise Talisman Sabre 23 have cleared a key milestone as part of a large-scale, joint logistics operation to bring ashore heavy military equipment from ships stationed off the coast of central Queensland, Australia.
Published: Tuesday, August 01, 2023
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USTRANSCOM, NORAD-USNORTHCOM discuss enhanced cooperation and advocacy

Greater shared understanding of requirements and areas for mutual advocacy highlighted key outcomes of staff talks between U.S. Transportation Command, North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command June 27-28, at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.
Published: Wednesday, July 26, 2023
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Air Mobility Command's Largest Global Exercise Proves Success in Indo-Pacific Theater

Air Mobility Command concluded Mobility Guardian 23, the largest iteration of the Air Force’s premier multinational mobility exercise to date on July 21, 2023.
Published: Monday, July 24, 2023
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Air Mobility Command exercise expedites Joint Force capabilities

Mobility Guardian '23 fosters interoperability between Allies and partners as well as Joint Forces, in the maneuvering of more than 15,000 U.S. and international forces associated with other exercises across the Indo-Pacific.
Published: Wednesday, July 12, 2023
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USTRANSCOM welcomes new command senior enlisted leader

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Brian P. Kruzelnick assumed command senior enlisted leader responsibilities for U.S. Transportation Command in a ceremony today.
Published: Thursday, July 06, 2023
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Values in service: FLTCM Myrick’s exit interview 

As the first Sailor to hold the position of USTRANSCOM senior enlisted leader, he's been instrumental in shaping the future of the command. With his active-duty career coming to an end, we sat with Myrick to discuss his Navy career, his time at USTRANSCOM and the importance of family. 
Published: Tuesday, June 27, 2023
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Celebrating 100 years of air refueling

The United States Air Force will be conducting flyovers across 50 states on June 27 to honor 100 years of aerial refueling excellence. More than 150 tankers from 26 Total Force installations are scheduled to participate with KC-135 Stratotankers, KC-10 Extenders, and KC-46 Pegasus aircraft.
Published: Tuesday, June 27, 2023
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43 countries gather in Illinois for logistics symposium

Global power projection and our global mobility posture are enabled by a robust network of allies and partners, Commander of U.S. Transportation Command Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost said today at the 2023 International Logistics Symposium.
Published: Thursday, June 15, 2023
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Honoring sacrifice and the bond of service

Before sunrise, a sense of anticipation filled terminal two at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Sixty-five veterans, along with family members and volunteers, waited to board the 102nd Greater St. Louis Honor Flight — an extraordinary initiative that flies veterans to visit the national memorials dedicated to their service.
Published: Wednesday, June 07, 2023
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Fueling the fight: USTRANSCOM celebrates new global bulk fuel mission

U.S. Transportation Command is now the manager for global bulk fuel management and delivery, and the magnitude of the command’s new responsibility cannot be understated, USTRANSCOM Commander Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost said during a commemoration ceremony June 5.
Published: Tuesday, June 06, 2023
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USTRANSCOM unveils new professional development program

To stay ahead of our adversaries, we must invest in our most valuable resource: Our people, Commander of U.S. Transportation Command Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost said during a recent supervisor town hall.
Published: Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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A final farewell to Maj. Gen. Vincent Barker

U.S. Transportation Command Chief of Staff Army Maj. Gen. Vincent Barker retired May 19, at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, after 42 years of service.
Published: Monday, May 22, 2023
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Resiliency and remembrance: Maj. Gen. Barker's exit interview

Army Maj. Gen. Vincent Barker, U.S. Transportation Command chief of staff, retires on May 19 after 42 years of uniformed service.
Published: Tuesday, May 16, 2023
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Readout of USTRANSCOM leadership’s visit with 597th Trans. Bde. Soldiers and TACAD Sailors

Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, commander of U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), and Navy Fleet Master Chief Donald Myrick, USTRANSCOM senior enlisted leader, traveled to Fort Eustis, Virginia, to meet with Surface Warriors from the 597th Transportation Brigade.
Published: Monday, May 15, 2023
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DoD codifies USTRANSCOM as military's new global bulk fuel manager

The Secretary of Defense appointed U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) to be the Department of Defense’s (DOD) single manager for global bulk fuel management and delivery in a memorandum May 10.
Published: Friday, May 12, 2023
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USSPACECOM works with USTRANSCOM, NASA to move satellites

U.S. Space Command, in partnership with U.S. Transportation Command and NASA, synchronized movement of the first satellite from France to California by a U.S. Air Force C-17 in October 2022 for launch in December 2022.
Published: Wednesday, May 03, 2023
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JMC, USTRANSCOM partnership provides ammo in record time to Ukraine

In response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s now famous call to action — “I need ammunition, not a ride” — Joint Munitions Command, with support from U.S. Transportation Command, distributed munitions in record time to support these emergent requirements.
Published: Tuesday, May 02, 2023
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USTRANSCOM seeks industry solutions for contested logistics

Working with commercial partners could be the answer to modernizing the Department of Defense’s in-transit visibility capabilities, Rear Adm. Philip Sobeck, director of U.S. Transportation Command’s strategy, policy, programs, and logistics directorate, said April 26 at an Industry Day event, on Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.
Published: Monday, May 01, 2023
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The global F-35 effort: A model of cooperation

Representatives from countries with F-35s arrived at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, on April 19 to discuss a shared problem affecting their fifth-generation fighters: getting spare parts.
Published: Friday, April 28, 2023
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General expresses concerns over readiness in sealift, air refueling

Funding levels must enable the United States to preserve its logistical dominance, Air Force Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, commander of U.S. Transportation Command, said today at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss the president's fiscal year 2024 budget request.
Published: Thursday, April 27, 2023
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ASC, USTRANSCOM talk enterprise logistics support in Poland

Behind every military operation lies an integrated logistics machine, and the Army Sustainment Command is one driving force behind this effort. On April 10, ASC hosted Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, commander of U.S. Transportation Command, to discuss ASC’s efforts in providing enterprise logistics support and its wartime readiness.
Published: Thursday, April 20, 2023
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Gen. Van Ovost leads discussions at University of Chicago

Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, commander of U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), visited the University of Chicago, April 11 for a morning of strategic discussions and mentorship with the next generation of leaders.
Published: Friday, April 14, 2023
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Antarctic express: A journey to the frozen continent

The sun loomed overhead as Marie Morrow stumbled off the aircraft. The frigid air pricked her exposed face, enveloping her in an insatiable chill. And the immaculate snow that blanketed the land glared upon her gaze. Nevertheless, Morrow continued despite the cold Antarctic greeting — excited for the journey to come.
Published: Wednesday, April 12, 2023
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USTRANSCOM Commander: Logistics is vital to securing US’ strategic advantage

For the United States to maintain its strategic advantage, we must invest in our military logistics, Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost told the House’s joint subcommittee today.
Published: Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Command interview: Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, USTRANSCOM

Airman magazine interview with Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, commander, United States Transportation Command.
Published: Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Government and maritime industry executives discuss readiness

Officials from the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation, and executives from the U.S. maritime industry met in New Orleans last week to discuss wartime readiness and strengthen their strategic relationships.
Published: Monday, March 20, 2023
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USTRANSCOM annual award winners

Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, commander of U.S. Transportation Command, and Navy Fleet Master Chief Donald Myrick, USTRANSCOM senior enlisted leader, announced the command’s 2022 annual award winners during a recognition ceremony March 16.
Published: Friday, March 17, 2023
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USTRANSCOM commander stresses importance of logistical dominance

Preserving our logistical dominance is key to maintaining our strategic advantage, U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) Commander Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost said at the 14th Annual Defense Programs Conference March 15.
Published: Thursday, March 16, 2023
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Ultimate Caduceus tests US’ life-saving aeromedical capabilities

U.S. Transportation Command kicked off Ultimate Caduceus today to assess the Defense Department’s aeromedical evacuation and critical care air transport capabilities.
Published: Monday, March 13, 2023
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MSC: United, we sail

Military Sealift Command is the Naval Component to U.S. Transportation Command, delivering agile, persistent and innovative maritime logistics solutions to the Navy and joint force.
Published: Monday, March 13, 2023
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USTRANSCOM Ramps Up Collaboration to Implement Global Household Goods Contract

United States Transportation Command is gaining momentum on its efforts to begin a phased launch of personal property shipments moving under the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) in September of 2023.
Published: Thursday, March 09, 2023
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Col. Zachary Hall enshrined on USTRANSCOM memorial wall

Family, friends and colleagues of Air Force Col. Zachary Hall came together March 3, for a memorial plaque dedication ceremony in honor of his legacy at U.S. Transportation Command.
Published: Thursday, March 09, 2023
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Women leaders discuss benefits of military service

In celebration of Women's History Month, top women military leaders discussed the importance of recruiting and retaining the best and most competent personnel in the military.
Published: Tuesday, March 07, 2023
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Women in the military: Moving beyond ‘firsts’

Be intentional about encouraging your peers and mentoring those following your path. It will take continuous engagement to reach a place where there are no more “firsts” or “onlys” left … where women are simply a foundational part of every team at every level — before, beside and behind each of us.
Published: Monday, March 06, 2023
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A look inside the world’s largest military terminal

On the west bank of the Cape Fear River lies the largest ammunition port in the nation: Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU). While MOTSU encompasses over 16,000 acres in Brunswick County, North Carolina, the secretive port is barely seen or heard from beyond its border, except for two colossal cranes that peak over the horizon.
Published: Monday, February 27, 2023
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SDDC: Delivering on time, on target, every time

When U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) needs to deliver by surface, it calls on the Surface Warriors of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC).
Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2023
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USTRANSCOM strengthens partnerships in the Middle East

Air Force Gen. Van Ovost, USTRANSCOM commander, and Fleet Master Chief Donald Myrick, USTRANSCOM senior enlisted leader, traveled to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait last week to deepen military-to-military and international relationships, as well as enhance interoperability, flexibility and capabilities within the region.
Published: Monday, February 13, 2023
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USTRANSCOM delivers Urban Search and Rescue teams to Türkiye

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), in coordination with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is transporting two Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams and a critical aid package to Türkiye, following the devastating earthquakes that occurred on Feb. 5.
Published: Tuesday, February 07, 2023
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Staff-to-Staff talks focus on operations in the Indo-Pacific, ensuring a free and open region

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) leaders met to better align operational plans in support of the National Defense Strategy during staff-to-staff talks Jan. 24-25, in Hawaii.
Published: Friday, February 03, 2023
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USTRANSCOM sends more than 60 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine

U.S. Transportation Command is delivering the first shipment of Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine as part of the United States’ $2.85 billion military aid agreement announced earlier this year.
Published: Monday, January 30, 2023
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The journey ahead: Dawson promoted to Senior Executive Service ranks

Gen. Van Ovost promoted Andy Dawson to the Senior Executive Service ranks Jan. 18. Upon receiving this promotion, Dawson will oversee the successful completion of permanent change of stations for thousands of military members, civilian employees, and their families every year.
Published: Thursday, January 19, 2023
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AMC: Bringing lethality to the warfighter

Military forces cannot operate for an extended period without a robust flow of supplies. But when time is critical, such as delivering humanitarian aid after crisis strikes or move military equipment across the globe — no one does it better than Air Mobility Command.
Published: Thursday, January 12, 2023
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